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Thread: All-Time Favorite Programs

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    Thumbs up All-Time Favorite Programs

    Many of my all-time favorite figure skaters have blessed us with numerous memorable, outstanding programs that remain in our memories. Here are just a few of my favorite numbers:

    Barbara Underhill/Paul Martine - "Unchained Melody".

    Dorothy Hamill: "Pie Jesu", "One Rock 'n Roll too Many", "Zippedy-
    Doo-Dah", "Nutcracker", "Romance", "The Music of the Night".

    Peggy Fleming: "Ave Maria", "Pachebel".

    Brian Boitano: "Water Fountain", "Appalachian Spring".

    Katarina Witt: "Carmen", "West Side Story", "I Am What I Am".

    Michelle Kwan: "Angelica Lyrica", "Rachmaninoff" "Dante's Prayer".

    Tonya Harding: Her 1991 long program, skated to "Batman",
    "Send in the Clowns", and "Wild Thing". (first triple axel by an American woman).

    Kristi Yamaguchi: "Doop, Doop", "Madame Butterfly".

    John Curry: "Tango, Tango", 1976 Olympic gold medal long program to "Don Quiote".

    Janet Lynn: "Afternoon of a Faun".

    Robin Cousins: "Satan Takes a Holiday".

    Katia Gordeeva/Sergei Grinkov: "The Man I Love", 1988 Olympic long program.

    Brian Orser: "The Story of My Life".

    Paul Wylie: "JFK", "Henry V", "Miss Saigon".

    Jayne Torvill/Christopher Dean: "Barnum", "Bolero", "Sing, Sing, Sing".

    And the list goes on and on and on!!


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    I had forgot about Dorthy's Pie Jesu. That was beautiful. You're right, there are so many to chose from. Other's I have loved:

    Yag's "Winter"
    Michelle's Salome
    Kristi's "Oh So Quiet"
    Kurt's "Brick House"
    Elvis's "Drums (can't remember the name)
    Plushy's (LP from 2001)

    That's just to name a few...

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    Michelle Kwan: "Fields of Gold", "Winter", "Lyra Angelica"
    Paul Wylie: "Miss Saigon", "On the Waterfront", "JFK"
    Sasha Cohen: "Carmen"
    Ann Patrice McDonough: "Madame Butterfly", "All I Ask of You"
    Tanith Belbin/Ben Agosto: "Elvis Medley"
    Naomi Lang/Peter Tchernyshev: "Still Loving You"
    Alexei Yagudin: "Winter"
    Kurt Browning: "Brick House"
    Tara Lipinski: "Anastasia", "Rainbow", "Little Women"
    Ye Bin Mok: "Spartacus"
    Sarah Hughes: 02 Olympic LP, "Rach Cello Concerto", "I'll Never Say Goodbye"

    There are probably more but I don't feel like listing them all right now.

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    In the pros, I liked:

    Kristi Yamaguchi, Bridge Over Troubled Waters
    Yuka Sato, Hatful of Stars
    Kurt Browning, Singing in the Rain
    Rudi Galindo, YMCA

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    This is would be easier to list the performances that I didn't care for. I do like all the performances mentioned thus far....42

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    I agree with you Show 42. There are way too many favorites in my list that it would take forever to list them all.

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    - Alexei Yagudin / Lawrence of Arabia / Worlds 1999 Helsinki
    - Alexei Yagudin / Gladiator / Euros 2001 Bratislava
    - Alexei Yagudin / Etude of revolution / Worlds 2001 Vancouver
    - Kurt Browning / That's entertainment! / Worlds Pros (?) 19?? in ??
    - Jeff Buttle / The last emperor / Worlds 2002 Nagano

    - Lu Chen / Rachmaninov / Worlds 1996 Edmonton
    - Oksana Baiul / Song of the black swan / Olympics 1994 Lillehammer

    - Mishkotionok/Dmitriev / Liebestraum / Worlds Munich 1991
    - Berezhnaya/Sikharulidze / Charlie Chaplin / Worlds Vancouver 2001
    - Shen/Zhao / Turandot / Worlds 2003 Washington

    - Isabelle- und Paul Duchesnay / Missing / LP 1990 + 1991 (?)


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    I agree - so hard to choose! I'll try listing ones that I return to, either on tape or in my memory, frequently:

    MK: Lyra Angelica & Rach, Dante's Prayer, Field of Gold
    Yagudin: Gladiator (never saw it skated to its full potential tho)
    Kurt: Brick House, Antares
    Yuka Sato: Take My Hand (Dido)
    Boitano: Blue, plus the wacky '60s-themed one from a couple of years ago
    Kulik: Oly SP, most of his own pro choreography!
    Usova/Platov: Scorpions song
    Berezhnaia/Sikharulidze: The Kid

    too hard to stop......


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    Michelle - Dante's Prayer, East of Eden, Rachmaninoff . . . . .
    Paul Wylie - Why God
    Todd Eldredge - Glory
    Mishkutionok & Dmitriev - Don Quixote, their 1994 Olympic LP
    Usova & Zhulin - Summertime, their blues number . . . .
    Torvill & Dean - anything they do
    Duchensays - Missing, Savage Rites . . . . .

    Too many to mention

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    Great thread! I love so many programmes, but I'll try to keep it to the best of the best:

    *Michelle Kwan - Salome (96 Worlds LP), Fields of Gold (02 Olympics EX)
    *Irina Slutskaya - Timeless (01 Worlds EX)
    *Sasha Cohen - My Sweet and Tender Beast (02 Olympics SP), Malaguena (03 Worlds SP)
    *Tara Lipinski - Tiny Dancer (01 SOI)
    *Oksana Baiul - Swan (94 Olympics EX)
    *Kristi Yamaguchi - Desert Rose (01 SOI), Trust & Try (02 SOI)
    *Tanja Szewczenko - 94 Olympics SP

    *Evgeny Plushenko - Sex Bomb (01 Worlds EX)
    *Alexei Yagudin - Revolution Etude (01 Worlds SP)
    *Kurt Browning - That's Entertainment, Nyah, Romeo & Juliet
    *Stephane Lambiel - Cirque de Soleil (02 Euros LP)
    *Alexander Abt - Rachmaninov (02 Euros LP)
    *Elvis Stojko - Frogs in Space (94 Olympics SP)

    *Berezhnaya & Sikharulidze - Impossible Dreams (99 Worlds EX), City Lights (01 Worlds LP), Meditation (02 Olympics LP), The Kid (02 Olympics EX)
    *Abitbol & Bernadis - The Adams Family (02 Euros LP)
    *Gordeeva & Grinkov - March of the Toreadors (88 Olympics SP), Reverie (94 Olympics EX)
    *Shen & Zhao - Turandot (03 Worlds LP)
    *Totmianina & Marinin - Peer Gynt (03 Worlds SP)
    *Mishkutenok & Dmitriev - Rachmaninov (94 Olympics LP), 94 Olympics EX, Liebestraum (92 LP)

    *Torvill & Dean - Let's Face The Music and Dance (94 Olympics FD), Bolero (84 FD), Paso Doble (84 OD), Summertime (82 OD), Mack and Mabel (82 FD), Barnum (83 FD), Encounter, Missing, Diablo Tango, Fire & Ice, Song of India, Hat Trick... ok I'll stop now.
    *Bourne & Kraatz - Riverdance (98 Worlds FD), Sadeness (03 Worlds EX)
    *Rahkamo & Kokko - La Strada (94 Euros FD)
    *Lang & Tchernyshev - Parisienne Walkways (02 Olympics FD)
    *Belbin & Agosto - Elvis Presley (03 Worlds FD)

    etc etc

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    So many to choose from...

    Anissina and Peizerat: Carmina Burana, Man in the Iron Mask, Romeo and Juliet
    D&V-Spente le Stelle
    K&P-1992 FD, can't remember the name of it

    B&S-Chaplin, and their 2000 LP, can't remember the name
    B&E-just about any of their pro routines
    Underhill&Martini-When a Man Loves a Woman, Unchained Melody
    M&D-1991 Liebestraum

    Yagudin-Winter, Man in the Iron Mask, Gladiator
    Browning-just about everything pro. Eligible wise, Casablanca

    Kwan-Fields of Gold
    Witt-Robin Hood, and one she did for Sarajevo

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    Michelle - Feilds of Gold, Aranjuez
    Tara - The Rainbow, Once upon a december, Tiny Dancer
    Sasha - Malaguena

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    I have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to many favorites to list, but these are some of the first ones that came to mind:

    Michelle Kwan: Fields of Gold
    Lang and Tchernyshev: Parisienne Walkways
    Bourne and Kraatz: Riverdance, Adagio of the 21st Century
    Alexei Yagudin: Man in the Iron Mask
    Elena Sokolova: Her 2003 SP (I forgot the name)
    Jenny Kirk: The Princess Diaries
    Ina and Zimmerman: American Trilogy


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    My all-time fav:

    Michelle Kwan: Lyra Angelica 98' Nationals (Only time I've ever cried over skating)

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    I just noticed something cool about this board. If someone posts a signature picture that is too wide to fit on the screen (total scren width = 750 pixels), the board stretches out that post only instead of the whole thread. Very nice.

    My all-time favorites:

    1998 Rachmaninov short program
    1998 East of Eden exhibition program
    2000 Red Violin LP and exhibition program
    2003 The Feeling Begins SP
    2003 Aranjuez LP


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