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Thread: skating podcast #20: Navarro/Bommentre

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    skating podcast #20: Navarro/Bommentre

    This one is a fun one!

    Kim and Brent are US ice dancers skating this weekend at Skate Canada. They have a terrific relationship, and it really comes out as they spoke with me. And their most embarrassing moments are :yikes: and at the same time.

    Have fun listening, and good luck to them at Skate Canada this weekend., or subscribe to the "manleywoman skatecast" through the iTunes Store.

    Have fun!

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    For some reason, I can't get it to play. I have QuickTime. and allowed your podcast to change my settings to its desires, but it still won't play.

    Any advice?

    Also, is there an option to download your podcasts?

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    Yes, you can download all twenty episode via the iTunes Store:

    go to the iTunes Store
    search for "manleywoman skatecast"
    click on the manleywoman skatecast
    you'll see all the episodes available for download.


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