This is my first report ever so bear with me. As to jumps the only one I can tell is an Axel so I won?t be able to tell you that. So here are my general impressions

The clear high lights of the show were Shae and Vic, Emanuel Sandhu, Jeffrey Buttle, Joannie Rochette, Anabelle Langlois / Patrice Archetto, and Elizabeth Putnam / Sean Wirtz

Elizabeth Putnam / Sean Wirtz, skated an exhibition program, their spirals are just amazing and they are so fast and smooth, I hope that they continue to do well.

Anabelle Langlois / Patrice Archetto, have gotten very smooth and polished but I preferred Elizabeth Putnam / Sean Wirtz. They did two leaps of faith which is my mom's favorite move

Joannie Rochette fell twice but you could see if she get's consistent she could very well compete for world medals, I think if she has a good skate at national she may take the gold this year. I never understood what they meant about Jennifer Robinson being slow before but after seeing all the skaters I understood.

Jeffrey Buttle skated his long program and it was amazing, he fell on his first axel but did the second okay, amazing spins and positions but boy does he need a new costume. He got a standing ovation

Emanuel Sandhu skated to Ava Maria in a traditional ballet costume (Tights and Tunic). He never hit a bad line, every single position was beautiful and his control is amazing. If he could skate his competitive programs this way he would easily beat every top ranked skater in the world. I am just going to write the word gush for how much my mom and I enjoyed this program. He also got a standing ovation

Shae and Vic did an Arabian program that was great, complete with Shae crusher. Their costumes were a little over the top, but I could see that in a larger venue with show lights they would need this kind of impact

Elvis was a no show, he was sick apparently. A little speculation on my part tells me that he have a really hard time coming back. I think Fedor Andreev may get to skate at Skate Canada after all and Nicholas Young could possible get cup of china.

Lastly I think Liam Dorrity may take the title for cutest guy on the Canadian team away from Fedor

Janet B