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Thread: Best Dance Film

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    Best Dance Film

    OK, my last topic about movies, but what is your favorite dance movie?

    Here's a list of dance movies I can think of right now:
    Billy Elliot
    Center Stage
    Dance With Me
    Dirty Dancing
    Mad Hot Ballroom
    Saturday Night Fever
    Save The Last Dance
    Shall We Dance?
    Shall We Dansu?
    Step Up
    Strictly Ballroom
    Take The Lead
    White Nights

    BTW, I'm not including musicals because I think that's a separate category.

    My Pick: Shall We Dansu? (hence, where I go my user ID)
    I fell head over heels when I saw this movie. I highly recommend watching this. Please, watch the original before the U.S. remake. I thought the remake was decent but not nearly as good as the original.
    Wiki page for more info on the movie:

    My other favorites: Billy Elliot, Strictly Ballroom, and Mad Hot Ballroom

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    Dirty Dancing. It's a corny movie, and the lead character's name is "Baby"
    But I just love that movie since it's like a comfort food for me. I grew up watching it so many times that I have both video tape and dvd. Whenever I'm in a bad move, I watch it and force my boyfriend lift me

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    No way I can pick just one, I love dance movies!

    Footloose and Dirty Dancing are fond memories from my youth.

    Loved Center Stage.

    Loved Shall We Dance? the original (haven't seen the American remake with Richard Gere)

    If you twisted my arm to choose just one, though, I'd probably go with the quirky but romantic, improbably weird but wonderful

    Strictly Ballroom

    Nice thread!

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    Seven Brides For Seven Brothers. I love those dance scenes from that movie.

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    The Turning Point

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    Strictly Ballroom is just fantastic. The tongue in cheek, poke fun style was fantastic. The Drah-mah! The Costumes, and actually even the dancing!

    It was great - Baz Luhrmann at his best!


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