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Thread: Favorite costumes?

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    Favorite costumes?

    Please post about your favorite costumes so far!

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    Tanith and Ben's Freedance costumes

    both of Yu-Na's dresses

    i liked Caroline's new red/purple dress she wore for her freeskate in France. So much better than the yellow one with the garish jewels.

    Yukuri Nakano's Giselle dress as well as Miki's Freeskate dress.

    I also really like the simplicity of Kozuka's outfits. you can focus on the skating more.

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    I like Mao's SP dress, Yuna's SP and LP dresses, Sarah Meier's SP dress, and Tanith B's FD dress.

    Worst dressed lady so far is Oksana Domnina BY FAR!!!

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    I love Rochett FD costume, and Tanith and Ben free dance costume. Tanith's mon is quite good in that area.

    The worts are Dom;Shab CD (at COC) OD and FD; Savchenko/ Szolkowy OD what a hell is that; and K/N OD and FD. Seriously that green from the OD costumes are just terrible.

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    My favorite costume so far is Joannie's LP dress!!It is stunning.
    I love Yu-Na's LP dress as well.

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    Sinead Kerr's OD dress, both Kerrs' Ex costumes, and the Zhangs' SP outfits - especially hers, which is very classy. Among the ladies, like others have written: Yu-Na Kim's and Yukari Nakano's LP costumes. From the men, I've yet to see anything remotely appealing.

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    Both of Yu-Na's dresses.
    Caroline's LP dress that she wore at TEB
    Kozuka's costumes-as someone else already said, I like their simplicity.
    Yukari's LP dress.
    Savchenko/Szolkowy LP costumes

    My dislikes
    Taniths FD dress- I will probably be the only one but sorry, I hate it.
    K/N's CD(Viennese) and OD; their OD costumes were especially distracting and I almost couldn't think about how much I didn't like the program because I could only see that garish green.
    DomShab's FD costumes

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    Kerrs -- OD and FD.
    D/W -- FD and Paso CD.
    M/B -- LP

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    Mao Asada's LP dress... (that's right, I said it!)
    S/S's Schindler's List costumes
    Joanne's SP and LP dresses

    and Evan's LP costume ( ok, I lied on that one)

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    Mao's Lingerie!!! I mean LP dress!!! & Yuna's SP dress!!! *droolinh here*

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    Mao's LP
    Caroline's LP (TEB)
    Joannie's SP & LP
    Emily's LP
    YuNa's SP & LP

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    Shawn Sexy Sawyer's LP outfit!!!

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    Sinead's OD dress
    Joannie's LP dress
    Aliona's LP dress
    Alissa's LP dress

    I could comment more but I haven't seen a whole lot of the GP

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    YuNa's '08 GP SP
    Alissa's '07 Nat'l SP
    Miki's '05 GPF LP
    Jenni's '04 SP

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    Joannie Rochette's SP & LP
    Jeremy Abbott's SP
    Shawn Sawyer's LP
    Patrick Chan's SP & LP
    Taka Kozuka's LP
    Yukari Nakano's LP
    Yu-Na Kim's SP & LP
    Yannick Ponsero's SP & LP
    Masha Mukhortova's and Maxim Trankov's SP
    Meryl Davis's and Charlie White's FD
    Aliona Savchenko's and Robin Szolkowy's LP
    Sinead Kerr's and John Kerr's FD
    Nathalie Pechalat's and Fabian Bourzat's OD
    Meagan Duhamel's and Craig Buntin's SP & LP
    Tiffany Vise's and Derek Trent's SP & LP
    Fumie Suguri's SP
    Alissa Czisny's LP
    Carolina Kostner's SP
    Sarah Meier's SP
    Kimmie Meissner's LP
    Emily Hughes's SP
    Koffe Berntsson's SP
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