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Thread: 2009 Mexican Nationals Results

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    2009 Mexican Nationals Results

    2009 Mexican National Figure Skating Championships
    November 8-15, 2008 Cuautitlan Izcalli, Estado de Mexico.

    Senior Ladies FINAL RESULTS
    SP LP
    1st Ana Cecilia Cantu SP (2nd) LP (1st) Total Score = 118.18
    2nd Michele Cantu SP (1st) LP (2nd) Total Score = 105.86
    3rd Loretta Hamui SP (3rd) Lp (3rd) Total Score = 94.51
    4th Ma. Del Rocio Reyes SP (4th) LP (4th) Total Score = 84.11
    5th Alicia Sanchez SP (5th) LP (5th) Total Score = 56.07

    Senior Ladies Free Skating Results
    1st Ana Cecilia Cantu 78.54
    2nd Michele Cantu 64.77
    3rd Loretta Hamui 56.62
    4th Ma. Del Rocio Reyes 55.82
    5th Alicia Sanchez 32.08

    Senior Mens FINAL RESULTS
    SP LP
    1st Luis Hernandez SP (1st) LP (1st) Total Score = 131.80
    2nd Humberto Contreras SP (2nd) LP (2nd) Total Score = 123.94
    3rd Adrian Alvarado SP (3rd) LP (3rd) Total Score =108.08

    Senior Mens Free Skating Results
    1st Luis Hernandez 85.88
    2nd Humberto Contreras 81.83
    3rd Adrian Alvarado 72.84

    Senior Mens Short Program Results
    1st Luis Hernandez 45.92
    2nd Humberto Contreras 42.11
    3rd Adrian Alvarado 35.24

    Junior Ladies FINAL RESULTS
    SP LP
    1st Reyna Hamui SP (1st) LP (1st) Total Score = 103.47
    2nd Priscila Alavez SP (4th) LP (2nd) Total Score = 78.48
    3rd Susana Cantu SP (2nd) LP (3rd) Total Score = 75.28
    4th Franciela Dabdoub SP (3rd) LP (4th) Total Score = 68.46
    5th Paola Heredia SP (5th) LP (5th) Total Score = 63.41
    6th Carolina Cedillo SP (6th) LP (6th) Total Score = 62.22

    Novice Ladies FINAL RESULTS

    1st Adriana Hamui SP (2nd) LP (2nd) Total Score = 88.40
    2nd Andrea Antillon SP (4th) LP ( 1st) Total Score = 87.66
    3rd Aislin Rosado SP ( 1st) LP (4th) Total Score = 87.19

    Novice Mens FINAL RESULTS

    1st Fabriczio Carrillo SP (1st) LP (1st)
    2nd Alejandro Palavicini SP (2nd) LP (2nd)
    3rd Edgar Lopez SP (3rd) LP (3rd)

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    Senior Ladies Short Program Results
    1st Michele Cantu 41.09
    2nd Ana Cecilia Cantu 39.64
    3rd Loretta Hamui 37.89
    4th Ma. Del Rocio Reyes 28.29
    5th Alicia Sanchez 23.99

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