I stayed today after skate school and practiced with some kids and was shown how to do rockers and a few other footwork steps. The really fun part was when we were showing off and this girl kept showing me her scratch spin and I was like I can do that and I did. Whereas hers traveled all over the ice mine was nicely centered. I felt really good because about six months ago she was ragging on me for not being able to do a salchow and now we're tit for tat spin-wise. I showed her my attitude, beginning layback, and Y-spin (think Michelle Kwan), as well as my sit. Also de-lightful, my coach gave me an extra 20 min lesson this week and we got to work on my bronze moves as well as my freeskate elements.

not so de-lightful:

I practiced so hard last week on my 1/2 loop and back spin and going into lesson day I felt like this would be the day when I could finally have my coach help me to nail them. Instead we did MIF which I appreciated but just didn't want to switch gears when I felt so close to a break thru. All in all, she liked my moves and said that I need to work on keeping better rhythm so that all the elements are done at the same time.

now on to de-mented:

I usually take a power class in skating school and with this being the last day new class recommendations came out. My skating school instructor who is also my private coach recommended me to take a class of freeskate technique for the skater who can do a waltz jump and two foot spin. Seeing that just took all the wind out of my sails. The things I can do, I feel I do well and in my mind passing my prebronze MIFs and freeskate were validation of that. I really wanted to take a footwork class and had been meaning to talk with her about whether or not she thought I was ready. But in seeing that class recommendation I’m wondering if she’s trying to tell me I’m not ready or did she just write something to be writing something. This is something that I know I must talk to her about. About two weeks ago my rink switched from ISI to Basic Skills. I go for my private lesson and instead of working on my bronze elements she goes over all the things in Free Skate portion of the basic program. If someone out there knows please tell me but I thought once you tested onto another track, in my case adult pre-bronze, that you can’t go back and skate in a basic competition. I hope I won’t have to look for another coach but this is the second time I’ve felt we’ve had a miscommunication problem. No matter how good a class this freeskate technique could be I just know that I am not going to be challenged by taking another class with 10 year olds who do wobbly waltz jumps and don’t know there inside edge from a flat. I’d rather take a footwork class with the fsi 4 and up girls and struggle than not be challenged with the beginning freestylers. Anyway if the footwork class doesn’t pan out, I’m going to invest that money into taking a 15min jump lesson with another coach so that I can go ahead and learn my flip, lutz, and axel.

Thank you in advance for letting me vent and please send me some advice.
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