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Thread: Harlick Custom Boots Question?

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    Harlick Custom Boots Question?

    Hi all,

    I was looking on the Harlick website as I'm interested in buying custom boots. I noticed that as an additional option you can have something called 'heated insoles' which cost the non-negligable sum of 200 dollars. Does anyone know what these 'heated insoles' ... well, do? Heated? What? How?!

    If anyone has these or has any coments about them i'd be really grateful for the input.

    I was also thinking of going for the lambswool tongue finish. I am currently in Graf Dance with the classic comfortable rubber tongue which ends up falling apart after a few months and I'd really like a tongue lining which is going to stay put all season and bring the comfort I expect when paying that kind of money.


    Thank you !

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    I am pretty sure you plug the insoles in and the heat up, you put them back in the boots and then they are warm and stay that way.

    I have custom Harlicks and have the standard foam tongue and have never had them fall apart. I find lambswool itchy and I get the equivalent of an allergic reaction from it. I get the oversized tongue (no charge) which helps keep them from disintegrating.

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    I have had the 50/50 rubber/lambs wool tongue and like it alot, and the rubber has not fallen apart on any of the pairs for years. The lambs wool is set across the length of the tongue with the rubber outlining as a trim.

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