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Thread: New Slutskaya article

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    New Slutskaya article

    She is, if possible, even busier now than when she was competing. She's hosting TV shows in her native Russia, and skating on a "Dancing with the Stars"-like program. She's doing some acting, and this week she came to the United States for a show that promotes heart disease awareness.

    And in her favorite role of all, she's a mom. Her son, Artem, turned 1 earlier this month...

    Slutskaya, who turns 30 in February, was one of the world's best for a decade, often battling good friend Michelle Kwan for the top spot on the podium. She had incredible athleticism, allowing her to pull off the toughest jumps — she can still do all five triples — and spins.

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    I am a happy fan of her as long as she is smiling, and wish her luck for what she wants to pursue at every stage of her life Nothing can beat her cute smile.

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    Thanks for posting, MM! It's great to hear that she's happy and enjoying herself. I wish all the best for whatever she will do in the future. But still, I miss her so much!

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    “It’s everything,” she said of motherhood. “I want this baby for a long time, and now I’m just happy.”

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    I am glad to hear that she is happy and doing well. While I was never the biggest fan of her skating...she seemed like a really nice and genuine person. And I actually miss seeing her skate!!

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