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Thread: Special guests at NHK: Midori and Witt

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    Special guests at NHK: Midori and Witt

    Witt --- Wow, she talks REALLY a lot! A very energetic, joyful lady! One question was enough to keep her chatting ten times more. Does she always do that on German TV?
    She was as beautiful as ever, too. The broadcaster asked her about her "private life" by asking how she was doing. She gladly talked about so many things that are happening in her life. blah, blah, blah. But then the broadcaster, who is always extremely pleasant, reserved, and decent, still hesitantly wanted to ask her if she was married yet. That was funny. She said that she has been "too busy to get married" yet. They were all impressed by her shining, joyful atmosphere who seems to be fully enjoying her life.

    Midori --- She gave hugs to the medalists during the medal ceremony. She hugged Johnny a lot longer than the other two boys. Why??? I would think that Johnny's hug would be very sweet

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    Katarina looks stunning! I liked her commentary in the programs that were aired before NHK to celebrate NHK Trophy's 30th anniversary. I'm happy to see her still involved in the figure skating world.

    An interesting tidbit: Katarina is a judge in the Polish edition of "Stars are Dancing on Ice". Her comments are always great and classy, in sharp opposition to a certain judge I dislike a lot.

    Midori is adorable as always.

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