It looks like Canada has officially adopted Ryan Bradley! The CBC chose to air his TEB LP yesterday even though he finished in 7th place. It would have made more sense for them to broadcast Brandon Mroz's performance along with the Top 4, but they went with Ryan instead! He was also included in the Men montage fluff (Kozuka was excluded, strangely enough). Of course, Ryan might be a bit embarrassed that many Canadians watched him skate poorly, but I think it's touching that the network recognizes there are Canucks who care about his career.

I've already mentioned this before on another thread, but I truly am amazed at the incredible affection that Shawn Sawyer has received on this forum by his new American fans. I honestly can't believe the amount of hostility (most of it generated by own countrymen) which still exists towards him on the other boards even though he had the 2nd best GP scores of all the Canadian guys (though admittedly Kevin Reynolds isn't far behind). Shawn deserves so much more respect, and I'm REALLY happy that there are people here who can appreciate his talent as well as I can!

I just think there is a wonderful symmetry with these two North American skaters.