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Thread: Who will get Oscar Nominations?

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    Who will get Oscar Nominations?

    It's that season of the year for Hollywood to come up with their perceived best movies, and so whom do you think will get the nominations>? and which ones will you pay to see, and which ones you will avoid

    The Dark Night and Keith Ledger

    Curious Case of Benjamin Button The aged Brad Pitt unaging

    Slumdog Millionaire an Indian version of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire

    Frost/Nixon Frank Langella stars in this Ron Howard film.

    Milk a gay politician is assasinated but the assasin is not guilty becaus he ate twinkies. Those sugar rushes are worse than heroin. Anti gay marriage viewers stay away because straight Senn Penn has the longest kiss in movie history with straight hunk James Franco (they are actors so it is ok)

    Doubt Meryl Streep as the nun who accuses a priest of abusing one of his students. I saw the play on B'way. It's doubtful if she convinces you, but the priest is shipped out. The actress on Broadway won the Tony, I predict Meryl will add another Oscar to her collection.

    Revolutionary Road The return of Dicaprio/Winslet.

    Australia Sweeping epicof the settling the new country as per old fashion Hollywood style. Kidman/Jackman gel or not?

    Rachel Getting Married with the intense acting of Ann Hathaway.

    So what will you see? What will you avoid?

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    Love The Dark Knight and Heath (not Keith) Ledger. I thought he was brilliant in his transformation.

    I definitely want to see the Benjamin Barton movie, as well as Milk and Doubt. I have heard mixed reviews about Austrailia but it sounds very interesting too. I am so looking forward to the reunion of DiCaprio and Winslet, so that film is another one I want to see.

    As for Oscars, the award I am most interested in is Best Score, and this year has been positively PATHETIC in scores. So I don't really have any hopes for that.

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    I think Pixar's Wall-e will easily WIN the animated category and I believe it should get a nod for best picture.

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    I'm excited to watch Milk next week. Watching the trailer alone convinces me Sean Penn will get a nomination. I passionately support Heath Ledger for best supporting actor. He deserves it in every single possible way.

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