(note: this is a forum, not an "official source")

Alexei Gorshkov has recently come back to his rink in Oditsevo after an almost four-week hiatus in America. Despite various rumors, he isn't moving abroad, but is staying at his rink in Odintsevo.

He did, however, bring along 3 sort-of-foreign teams that have been training with Nikolai Morozov. We can now see in Odintsevo's ice Nora Hoffman and Maxim Zavozin, Kristine Faser and Igor Lukanin, as well as a Japanese team. Apparently, they'll stay here until Cup of Russia. It seems Morozov and Gorshkov have decided to work together.

Along with those teams, Ilya Tkachenko has returned home with his new partner, American Isabelle Tobias, who represented Georgia last season. I don't want to say anything, but the American looks abit small for Ilya. The team just seems odd... In my opinion, even Mitushina, who has returned from Italy and is looking for a new partner in the same group, would be a better fit. Then again, who knows what is really going on...

There was another surprise waiting for Gorshkov back home - a recently formed team of Valentin Molotov and Oksana Fomin has broken up. It just wasn't working. There were injuries, fallings out... No luck there.

In other Oditsevo news, Gorshkov's former student Andrei Maximishin is training kids there, as he hasn't been able to find himself a partner since the team of Mikhailova/ Miximishin has broken up. Perhaps a formerly promising dancer can turn into a young promising coach.