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Thread: Any News on Virtue/Moir?

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    Any News on Virtue/Moir?

    When they first withdrew from Skate Canada, they expressed at least cautious hope they might be back on competitive ice by NHK. Obviously, that didn't happen. Any news on this team? Is Tessa's recovery on track? Anyone know how Scott has been training during her absence?

    Finding the silence from their camp just a tiny bit worrisome. I know no news is SUPPOSED to be good news, but I'd love to hear something!

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    I have not heard anything but somehow I recall hearing something that they would not try the NHK and that their next skate would, hopefully, be at Canadian National in January?

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    There were some tidbits from Shpilband -

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    Good to know Tessa recovered so well, can't wait to see them at Canadian National in Jan.

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    But its intesrsting to have more information - did she in Canton? Did they start there traning?

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