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Thread: NRW Trophy Single/Pair 4-7 Dec

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    NRW Trophy Single/Pair 4-7 Dec

    Single & Pair Skating: Novice, Junior, Senior

    Enties & schedule

    Saturday, December 6th 2008
    16:15 h (CET) Senior Ladies SP
    20:05 h (CET) Senior Pairs SP
    21:05 h (CET) Senior Men SP

    Sunday, December 7th 2008
    10:55 h (CET) Senior Ladies FP
    15:20 h (CET) Senior Men FP
    18:00 h (CET) Senior Pairs FP

    Senior MEN:

    1 Kevin VAN DER PERREN - BEL
    2 Georgi KENCHADZE - BUL
    3 Ari Pekka NURMENKARI - FIN
    4 Mark VAILLANT- FRA
    5 Michael BIONDI - GER
    6 Clemens BRUMMER - GER
    7 Martin LIEBERS - GER
    8 Stefan LINDEMANN - GER
    9 Franz STREUBEL - GER
    10 Philip TISCHENDORF - GER
    11 Maxim SHIPOV - ISR
    12 Samuel CONTESTI - ITA
    13 Fabio MASCARELLO - ITA
    14 Kensuke NAKANIWA - JPN
    15 Boyito MULDER - NED
    16 Ivan TRETYAKOV - RUS
    17 Luka CADEZ - SLO
    18 Gregor URBAS - SLO
    19 Javier FERNANDEZ - ESP

    Senior LADIES:

    1 Emma MAGIEVA - AZE
    2 Barabar KLERK - BEL
    3 Kirsten VERBIST - BEL
    4 Sonia RADEVA - BUL
    5 Manuela STANUKOVA - BUL
    6 Annika NYMAN - FIN
    7 Helena STENBACKA - FIN
    8 Candice DIDIER - FRA
    10 Christine ANSTÄTT - GER
    11 Jacqueline DRANGE - GER
    12 Anissa FRANK - GER
    13 Katja GROHMANN - GER
    14 Caroline GÜLKE - GER
    15 Isabel HEINTGES - GER
    16 Sandy HOFFMANN - GER
    17 Constanze PAULINUS - GER
    18 Giulia SANNA - GER
    19 Mira SONNENBERG - GER
    20 Tamar KATZ - ISR
    21 Alice GARLISI - ITA
    22 Valentina MARCHEI - ITA
    23 Francesca RIO - ITA
    24 Marina SHISHKINA - KAZ
    25 Manouk GIJSMAN - NED
    26 Karen VENHUIZEN - NED
    27 Jacqueline VOLL - NED
    28 Elizabeth STERN - PHI
    29 Ekaterina KOZYREVA - RUS
    30 Teodora POSTIC - SLO
    31 Sonia LAFUENTE - ESP

    Senior PAIRS:

    1 Mari VARTMANN / Florian JUST - GER
    2 Hayley SACKS / Vadim AKOLZIN - ISR
    3 Ekaterina SOKOLOVA / Fedor SOKOLOV - ISR
    4 Nicole DELLA MONICA / Yannick KOCON - ITA
    5 Laura MAGITTERI / Ondrej HOTAREK -ITA
    6 Marina AGANINA / Dmitry ZOBNIN - UZB

    As of Nov 28th.

    Good to see Lindemann back on track! Will this be an easy one for KvdP?
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    I remember enjoying Fernandez's programs at Euros last season. I am wondering if Contesti will make another big statement here.

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    GO Kevin VDP and ALL OF ISRAEL's SKATERS!!!!!

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    is there a results page?

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    Oh, I'm glad I didn't jinx Contesti or Fernandez (so far).
    The score for Lindemann is so low, he probably bombed it but I hope he comes back strong in the free program.

    Marchei is behind her teammate Rio, that's not a good sign, but she may not be in 100% shape yet and she probably fell on a jump. I hope she will will have a clean skate in the free.

    Tamar Katz not in the SP result, I guess she withdrew.

    Also, I looked at the senior ladies results and realized that, when I first looked at the roster before the competition started, I overlooked the name Karen Venhuizen. This means, I suppose, she overcame the hard-to-cure desease that she fell victim to (ah I forgot the name of the desease at the moment) last Feb or March, so I want to congratulate her comeback. Her SP score isn't anywhere near her PB though.

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    Hmm, ladies FS is over and just by looking at the scores both Gedevanishvili nor Marchei seem to have struggled.

    I'm wondering how Italian skating fed decides who to send to Worlds. I don't know the results of the Italian Nats last week, but wonder whether both Valentina Marchei and Francesca Rio participated in it, and whether they decide based on the Nationals results. Rio is in the junior GP but she is old enough for senior Worlds if I'm not mistaken.

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    Wooo, KVDP! He reintroduced his Quad - with +0.6 GOE! He got 145.59 in the freeskate - despite doubling the second Flip, not having a third combo and only level 2 on his steps. I don't want him to repeat the Flip though, he can do a second Triple Axel in the second half, during the last one or two years it became such a consistent jump for him.

    Euros is going to be such a blast. This Contesti guy could be good for a Top Ten finish at Europeans. Good outing for Tretiakov too, 7 nearly clean Triples, including clean Triple Axel... Fernandez seemed to have had a bit of a hard time, but still, not bad. He also gets good PCS. And the two Triple Axels look promising. This also smells a bit like a possible Top Ten finish at Euros.

    Now I will go video hunting for KVDP's freeskate...

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