View Poll Results: Who has the best edges as they stroke?

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  • Mao

    56 27.32%
  • Yuna

    90 43.90%
  • Yukari

    3 1.46%
  • Miki

    7 3.41%
  • Carolina

    29 14.15%
  • Joannie

    35 17.07%
  • Laura

    10 4.88%
  • Mirai

    1 0.49%
  • Alissa

    8 3.90%
  • Others

    26 12.68%
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Thread: Who has the best edges as they stroke? (Ladies)

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    Who has the best edges as they stroke? (Ladies)

    I voted for Mao, Mirai, Joannie, and Yuna.

    I heard that Fumie used to be among the fastest skaters. I also feel that Yukari is getting faster and faster in her skating and her edges in spiral are getting deeper and deeper. But I somehow have not had a chance to be impressed by their basic skating skills yet. I do not know why not though.
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    I think Joannie has the best edges among the current ladies.

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    I voted for Mao and Yu-Na... their skating skills are in a league of their own among the ladies. If Joannie keeps improving, she will be up there too. I think it's still too early to tell for Mirai and some of the other skaters that weren't listed that are just breaking into the Senior level. Sometimes Mirai's skating seems very Junior-ish, other times it's much better.
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    I love Joannie's a lot, too. Her skating and steps look like those of ice dancers.

    Caro is very fast, but her forward crossovers can be numerous.

    Yuna's skating is very fast and has a great flow.

    Mao's is very soft and gentle. Sometimes she looks relatively slow, but it may be because she is doing more complicated steps and has fewer crossovers than others.

    Miki's looks fast, but her edges sometimes can be wobbly for no visible reason.

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    Without a doubt, it's Joannie! Yu-Na would be my 2nd choice.

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    Yuka Sato is left out?

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    Katrina Hacker, Ashley Wagner, and Akiko Suzuki all have great basics...

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