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Thread: Arson suspected in fire at Palin's Church

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    Arson suspected in fire at Palin's Church

    The church that Sarah Palin and her family attend in Wasilla was set on fire Friday. This sort of thing just sickens me, whether you agree with someone's religion/politics or not, this isn't the way to show it.

    so much for tolerance.

    Five women were inside the church working on crafts, and possibly two children, but everyone escaped unharmed after a fire alarm alerted them to trouble, Steele said.

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    It's awful to target her church. Palin got alot of flak for her religion during the campaign. I have no idea why though, considering the rest of the candidates apparently have the same religion. Maybe that's why the church she attends was targetted.

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    There was a case of church burnings last year. There was a lot of speculation about political motives, but it turned out to be drunken college boys that thought a wooden church would make a specially nice bonfire. It was in the South, but I can't remember which state. They burned quite a few. I'm thinking at least 4.

    I'm hoping that this burning of Palin's church is not politically motivated either, because that's too sick.

    I'm glad everyone got out.

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