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Thread: Paula, I do apologize

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    Paula, I do apologize

    No, I am not here to cause trouble. I asked in my first post, which had no harsh tone at all, for you to clarify your statement because fans across the internet were upset at that news, so I only asked for verification for everyone's sake.

    I am new here, assuming I still get to post at all. I did not know you answer via email. It's a website that I posted on, so I logically figured you would answer on-line, so I only checked there and discovered my thread was removed. This action on your part to remove it seemed questionable and THAT is what prompted my harsh second thread. Someone else has questioned that action (to delete my thread) as well. There was nothing harsh about my first thread at all, I only asked you to clarify the matter so his fans would not continue to perpetuate a potential untruth. But in this case, I was asking not just for my own sake, but for all the fans on the many different boards. Your answering me via email does not address the issue for everyone who cares. Your reply via ewmail was a good one and I see no reason why it couldn't have been done on-line in the first place.

    I do apologize for my harsh second post, but it was ONLY due to my believing you were avoiding the issue, not to cause trouble. If you can't see that, then please consider why someone else would post a thread ALSO questioning why you deleted my first thread instead of simply replying to it. If you look at it objectively you will see I am not here to "cause trouble".

    I sent you an email to verify my account is valid, but posted on-line also so that my reasoning is understood by all, as I do not think it's fair to leave me stuck with the label as a troublemaker when this is unfair and not the case here. I only hope that you do look at it objectively and see the concerns I had were valid and realize I was NOT here to cause you any trouble and I hope you can accept my apology.

    Thank you.

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    Your point is valid and was addressed in another thread.

    Apology accepted.

    I also welcome you as a new poster and am looking forward to your future participation in the forum this season.

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