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Thread: Bear with me, hm? We need members!

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    Thumbs up Bear with me, hm? We need members!

    Hello folks! Desire, the figure skating soap opera, is getting ready for the 2003-04 season! We are having 3 grand prix events: Skate America, NHK, and Cup of Russia, as well as promotional events like Winter and Spring Challenges and the Battle of the Sexes! This marks a historical season for our fourth year together as we have introduced a PAIRS division! That's right, if you want to create a pair team, or even half a pair team, go right ahead! We might introduce dance next year.

    In addition to the usual competitions and fluff competitions, we have officially decided.

    2003-04 will be an OLYMPIC SEASON!

    So if you have dreams of Olympic gold, if you want a favorite skater to win gold, if you like drama, romance, comedy, whatever you like, WITH SKATING, you can find it at DESIRE!

    NOTE, YOU CAN NOT HAVE A REAL SKATER but you CAN BASE someone on them; example, if you want to put Timothy Goebel in the game, go right ahead! He just can't be Tim Goebel. Make him... Timothy GABLE, or if you want Sasha Cohen, try Sasha Cain or something. But be creative! However we do have Oksana Baiul and Viktor Petrenko but with some catches. Oksana and Viktor are much younger than they really are, they're both Russian, not Ukranian, and they are married together and have just had a daughter, Lara. We allowed this because the player was one of our founding members lol but we don't want any more real skaters but like I said you can base a skater on someone. For example, in another game someone created a pairs skater named Jamie Salt and her partner, David Pepper. Cute, isn't it? If you need help with programs, not to worry, we have plenty of choreographers and coaches to whip you into shape and help you skate right!

    As one of the co-moderators of Desire I am inviting all of you to please take a look at things. You don't even have to be a skater or even someone involved with skating if you don't want to. One of the founders' characters is a cashier at a coffee shop. Another is a DJ, another a surfer. Join in the fun and drama, I'm sure you won't regret it!

    For questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, e-mail me: OR you may e-mail our founder (not the one with Oksana and Viktor as characters lol) Marsha: she is also available on AOL Instant Messenger at Marshab18 and me AnyaAng. Should you contact Marsha, tell her Angie sent ya, and please use for the subject Desire or something like that!

    We have been operating for 3 years and hardly have new members, but believe me when it comes to this game, ANYTHING GOES! You want your character to get another skater pregnant, or try to sabotage another skater's hopes and dreams, GO AHEAD! Just make sure to discuss things with the player/writer before you do so. But otherwise, whatever you want your character to do or have happen to them, knock yourself out! We're also in the need of scandelous tabloid reporters, if you care to do that. So far our game has had miscarriages, murders, attacks, deep rivalries, even ghosts!

    HOWEVER, should you choose to play a supernatural character, contact ME for rules. Supernatural characters are rare but they exist. So far we have 3, and 2 are mine.

    Like I said, anything goes in this great RPG. Even if you know nothing about skating you can still have all your hopes and dreams come true!


    Role Play Area

    Please stop by!

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    great, can i just join or something, sounds great!!!!!

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    Of course!! I'm sure you'll have fun!

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