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Thread: Next year's locations

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    Next year's locations

    hi all....i heard from someone that next year's locations are posted somewhere but i cant seem to find them can someone help me with this thanks!

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    The following is only what I've heard UNOFFICIALLY (and posted on FSU on Dec. 9th). Note that only 7 JGPs are listed (down from 8)...

    Budapest, HUN - Aug. 26-30 OR Sept 16-20, 2009
    TBA in USA - Sept. 2-6 (pairs)
    Torun, POL - Sept. 9-13 (pairs)
    Minsk, BLR - Sept. 23-27 (pairs)
    Dresden, GER - Sept. 30-Oct 4 (pairs)
    Zagreb, CRO - Oct 7-11
    Istanbul, TUR - Oct 14-18

    JGP Final combined with Senior - Dec. 3-6 in JPN (city TBD)

    Not sure when this information will be officially published online or if it has been yet.

    ETA: According to Alexandra Stevenson's JGP Final report on ISIO:
    Next season, due to ISU budget cuts, there will be only seven Junior Grand Prix events instead of eight. The provisional allocations are: Budapest, the capital of Hungary; Zagreb, the capital of Croatia; Istanbul, the capital of Turkey; Minsk, the capital of Belarus; Torun, a city in Poland which is a new facility where Dorota and Mariusz Siudek now coach; Dresden, in Germany; Minsk, the capital of Belarus, and, in the United States, Lake Placid, NY. The Junior and Senior Finals will again be combined. They will be held in Japan at a city to be announced, December 3-6.
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    When will Canada host another JGP event? We hosted Junior Worlds a couple years back but I'm hoping that we get one soon! Us Canadians...WE LOVE OUR SKATING!!!

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