I am one of the moderators on the Anissina-Peizerat list. Gwendal sent me e-mail this morning and asked that I send this to as many fans as possible.

The Japanese fans of Marina and Gwendal should take note, especially if they are thinking of buying tickets for the upcoming exhibitions that are still advertising that Marina and Gwendal will participate.

"Letter to the fans.

Hi everyone.

I'm writing this letter to explain to you what is going on in my life today and to make it clearer espacially to the Japanese fans who are expecting me to come to Japan in November.
Last june I got injured during the recording of a TV show called Fort Boyard in France. This adventure show is done to help humanitary association and I was doing it for "Rêve", an association who realise the dream of kids whose serious illness threaten them to die anymoment. That was for them that I overcame the pain in my left shoulder when I dislocated it four times in a row during a climbing game. (hopefully we won the game and got 12000 Euros for the association.)
I had medical tests to perform and it took me a long time to have them done as the doctors schedules are as full and tight as mine. When the tests shown that it was a serious injury with broken bones and tendons I went to see the surgeon and got an appointment on the 28 of jully.
He told me that I have to go through a surgery that would hold me away from the rink for at least 6 months.
I had a trip to Pamir planned for the ascension of the Mustagh Ata (7500m) and was supposed to leave on the first of august. When I asked the surgeon about it, he told me that carrying a back pack would be one of the best thing to do to block my shoulder done and back before I could get a surgery. Since then every hard or complicate move with my shoulder will be painfull and dangerous...he is the best surgeon in France for the shoulder and had no room for me for a sugery before 2004 !!
So I went to The Mustagh Ata for one month (august).
Coming back from there I had a call from the surgeon secretary who told me that she had somebody who cancelled and that I could be accepted at the hospital the 4th of november.
As I can't skate normally with the injury, I said yes at once to be back in shape as soon as possible.
I couldn't imagine myself just waiting, doing nothing, before this surgery, so I accepted some propositions to travel such as this trip to Africa that I will do by the end of october.
I'm sorry not to be able to skate in november in Japan and I would love to be in good shape to make you happy. I will be back with you as soon as possible and will give you news.
Please understand that this is fate and nobody's fault.
Keep dreaming.