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Thread: Nancy Kerrigan update

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    Nancy Kerrigan update

    I attended the Ice Theatre of New York annual gala and had a one-on-one interview with Nancy Kerrigan. She looks great! After giving birth to Nicole seven months ago, she's back on the ice -- she even did a short number to Footloose on Ice for the finale. Where did she ever get the "ice queen" label? Maybe it was when she was younger, but she's extremely approachable and kind of...motherly.

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    It was probably in '94 when the media was all over her. I'm sure she just wanted them all to leave her alone and it came across.

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    Thanks for this Susan. I met Nancy briefly at the back of Maple Leaf Gardens after the 97 Elvis Tour show. You know, I always thought Nancy was a pretty lady. That is until I asked her that night how Matthew was. Talk about someone's face literally light up!! My friend and I could not stop talking about that the entire way back to where we were staying in Toronto.

    Thanks again Susan!!

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    I always thought Nancy was so harshly judged for so many 'out of context' reasons that no one could ever expect to be prepared for. Time and experience no doubt has armed her with the poise to handle what comes her way, and life has blessed her with ways to be the lovely person I believe she has always been. Would love to see her have more partnership in her role as an icenetwork commentator. I think one of the things that makes commentary more 'interesting' is the presence of more than knowledgeable voice. Partnership would probably bring out the best in her. How about with Paul Wylie? Their life-long friendship would make chemistry so evident, that would be fun, and her radiant smile would surely come through.

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    I always thought Nancy was considered by her detractors as just plain non exotic. Certain fans prefer skaters who are not american type, imo.

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