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Thread: skating patches or badges?

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    skating patches or badges?

    Hey, name is Shelley and I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada...
    I am an avid figure skating patch (or club badge) collector, and I was just curious as to whether anyone out there in the vast expanse of internetland had any old patches (or "vintage"/"antique" depending on your choice of terminology) that they were willing to let go of; perhaps for a reasonable price? I collect everything from merit badges to club patches to Nationals to even a few World patches I've been able to snag over the years. As long as it can be sewn onto a blanket or jacket; that's the only requirement.
    I also like to hear about different clubs around the world; I've been in touch with many interesting people as far away as Australia and South Africa, and I really like hearing about skating in other parts of the world. So let me know!


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    Sorry, the only patch I have is when I got the big four bowling.
    Grgranny, DEFINITELY!

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    skating patches or badges?

    I have all my badges and pins, but I could never part with them. They are my treasures from my skating days.

    Interesting question.

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    replies to search

    I just want to thank everyone who emailed me personally; either to offer a few badges or pins (mostly doubles they had), or just to tell me about the club they skate at. I really appreciate all the help with the collection and 'meeting' some of you. Thanks a lot!


    P.S. By all means keep the replies coming!!

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