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Thread: Compilations on Hughes; Cohen; Nikodenov; Goebel; & Yagudin!

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    Lightbulb Comps: Kwan;Shen&Zhao; Hughes;Cohen;Nikodenov;Goebel; Yagudin;Boitano;WEIR!

    The contents below are for separate compilations -- one each for Sarah Hughes (8 hours), Angela Nikodenov (4 1/2 hours), Sasha Cohen (7 hours), Timothy Goebel (6 hours), Shen & Zhao, and Alexei Yagudin (NOW TWO TAPES). Each compilation includes all kiss & cry, marks, results, interviews, and pieces on the skaters. Each can also be copied in SLP or SP, this is your choice.

    JOHNNY WEIR COMPILATION - now available!

    NOW ADDED - BRIAN BOITANO COMPILATION OF FAVORITES - information on this 2 hour compilation contents below.

    Xue Shen & Hongbo Zhao Compilation

    **PLEASE NOTE** for information, please e-mail me at:


    2001 US Nationals - (16 years of age) - SP “Les Parapluies de Cherbourg”; LP “Heart of Budapest”
    2001 Junior World Championships - piece on Johnny; LP “Heart of Budapest”; clip of the podium
    2001 Goodwill Games (17 years of age) - SP “Umbrellas of Cherbourg”; LP -
    selections from Chinese films
    2001 Trophy Lalique - SP “Umbrellas of Cherbourg”; LP “Zhao Ziping”
    2002 US Nationals - SP “Umbrellas of Cherbourg”; LP “The Puppet Master”
    2002 Hershey Kisses Team Challenge - “Songs From A Secret Garden”
    2003 US Nationals - SP “Innocence” & “Zydeko”; LP “The Puppet Master” -
    withdrew due to injury
    2004 US Nationals - SP “Valse Triste”; interview; LP “Dr. Zhivago”; interview; piece; Exhibition “Imagine”
    2004 Worlds - SP “Valse Triste”; LP “Dr. Zhivago”
    2004 Marshall’s World Skating Challenge - “Dr. Zhivago”
    2004 Campbell’s International Figure Skating Challenge - piece; “Otonal
    2004 NHK Trophy - pieces; LP “Otonal”; interview; Podium
    2004 Trophee Eric Bombard Cachemire (Lalique) - SP “Rondo Cappricioso”;
    interview; LP - “Otonal”; interview
    2004 Cup of Russia - small pieces; LP “Otonal”
    2004 Marshall’s World Cup of Skating - preview for 2006 Olympics; “Otonal”
    2005 US Nationals (20 years of age) - SP “Rondo Cappricioso”; LP “Otonal”;
    interview; pieces; interview; Exhibition “Unchained Melody”


    1998 Olympics - SP “Zigeunerweisen”; LP “Mt. Olympus
    1998 Worlds - LP “Mt. Olympus”
    1999 Worlds - comments by Dick Button; SP “Zigeunerweisen”;
    LP “Mulan”; Exhibition “Madame Butterfly”; encore Polka music
    1999 Masters of Figure Skating - SP “Firebird”; LP “Mulan”
    ‘99-’00 Grand Prix Final - Re-cap of 1st & 2nd rounds; piece; Final
    2000 - Worlds - SP “Firebird”; piece; LP violin music by Ming Xin Due,
    Exhibition “Crazy”
    2000 - Japan Open SP “Firebird”; LP “Mulan”
    2000 - Skate America - LP “Spirit of Spring”
    ‘00-’01 Grand Prix Final - LP “Spirit of Spring”
    2001 Worlds - SP “Allegretto”; LP “Spirit of Spring”; Podium; Exhibition
    “Beethoven’s Last Night”
    2001 Nations Cup - SP “Kismet”; piece; LP “Turandot”; interview
    2001 Masters of Figure Skating - SP “Kismet”; LP “In the Dark”
    ‘01-’02 Grand Prix Final - LP “Turandot”
    2002 Olympics - SP “Kismet”; LP “Turandot”; Podium; Exhibition
    “In the Dark”
    2002 Worlds - SP “Kismet”’; piece; LP “Turandot”; Exhibition jazz number
    2002 Cup of Russia - SP “Beethoven’s Last Night”
    ‘02-’03 Grand Prix Final - LP “Turandot”
    2003 Four Continents - LP “Turandot”
    2003 Worlds - piece; SP “Beethoven’s Last Night”; piece; LP “Turandot”;
    piece & exhibition - repeat of “Turandot”
    2003 Hallmark Skaters Challenge - introduction; SP “Beethoven’s Last
    Night”; LP “Bensonhurst Blues”
    2003 Cup of China - introduction; profile; SP “Kismet”; LP
    “The Nutcracker”; Podium; Exhibition from Skate Canada
    “Time to Say Goodbye”
    ‘03-’04 - Grand Prix Final - SP “Kismet”; LP “The Nutcracker”
    2004 Worlds - introduction; piece; SP “Kismet”; profile; LP
    “The Nutcracker”; Exhibition “Moulin Rouge”
    2004 Cup of China - piece; LP “The Soony Sisters”

    The Making of an Olympic Champion

    1998 - 12 year old National Junior Ladies Champion - exhibition to JFK & Olympic music
    1999 - Senior Nationals - Short Program (peach costume);
    LP “Swan Lake” (white costume)
    1999 - Worlds - small piece; SP (peach); LP (dark blue); interview
    1999 - Hershey Kisses - “Time to Say Goodbye” (light blue)
    1999 - Keri Lotion, USA vs. Russia - “Yesterday” (black and white
    1999 - Skate America - interview; LP “Nessum Dorma” (blue);
    2000 - Nationals - SP (light blue); LP (blue)
    2000 - Champions On Ice - “My Prayer” (beige); Closing “Bolero”
    2000 - Skate America - short piece on Sarah; LP (red)
    2001 - Nationals - SP (light blue); LP (red); interview
    2001 - Grand Prix Final - SP “Vocalize” (beige); LP (red)
    2001 - Worlds - Qualifying round (red); SP (light blue); SP (black);
    interview; Podium
    2001 - Great American Figure Skating Challenge
    2001 - Skate America - LP (blue)
    2001 - Skate Canada - SP (light blue); small piece on Sarah; LP
    2001 - Trophy Lalique - SP (light blue); small piece on Sarah; LP
    2001 - A Skating Tribute - Opening; “You’ll Never Walk Alone”
    2001 - Grand Prix Final - 1st LP (blue); 2nd LP (light blue)
    2001 - Hershey Kisses Figure Skating Challenge - “Nessum
    2002 - Nationals - small intro for ladies; small piece on Sarah; SP
    (dark blue); LP (beige); interview; piece on Sarah’s family
    2002 - Olympics - ladies preview; SP (dark blue); interview with
    the Hughes’ family; piece on Sarah; warm-up; LP
    (lavender); Podium; Jim McKay on Sarah Hughes;
    Exhibition “Black Bird” (black) and encore “You’ll Never Walk
    Alone” (lavender)
    Excerpts from “A Story of Gold - Sarah Hughes”
    2002 - Hershey Kisses Great American Figure Skating Challenge - interview; Ice Moves; “I’ll Never Say Goodbye”
    2002 - COI - interview; piece on Sarah; “I’ll Never Say Goodbye”
    2002 - Campbell’s International Figure Skating Challenge - Sarah commercial; Button & Fleming discuss Sarah; piece on Sarah; “La Bayadere”; interview
    2002 - Crest Whitestrips International Figure Skating Challenge - interview; “La Bayadere”
    2002 - Hallmark Skaters Championship - piece on Sarah; SP “Sonata in G Minor”; LP “Blackbird”; interview
    2003 - Nationals - piece on Sarah; SP “Sonata in G Minor”; piece on Sarah; LP “La Bayadere”; exhibition “I’ll Never Say Goodbye”
    2003 - Worlds - Qualifying Round “La Bayadere”; opening piece; SP “Sonata in G Minor”; interview; LP “La Bayadere”; leaderboard
    Ending from ‘02 COI - “Once Upon A Dream”

    Elegance on Ice

    1999 - Keri Lotion (14 years old) - “Violin Concerto” (red costume)
    2000 - Nationals (15 years) SP (white); piece on NNN & Sasha; LP
    2000 - Champions on Ice - “Anytime, Anywhere” (white)
    2000 - Nations Cup (16 years) - also called Sparkassen Cup -
    2001 - Goodwill Games SP (white); LP (red/yellow)
    2001 - Skate America (17 years) - piece; LP (dark red) - quad
    2001 - Trophee Lalique SP (white); LP (red/black)
    2001 - Masters of Figure Skating SP (white); LP “To Love You
    More” (fuchsia)
    2001 - Hershey’s Figure Skating Challenge (fuchsia)
    2002 - Nationals - preview; SP (white); LP (black); Exhibition (red)
    2002 Olympics (18 years) — clips of Opening Ceremonies; SP
    (white/light blue); interviews; John Nics on Sasha; LP
    (red/black/yellow); exhibition (fuchsia)
    2002 Worlds - SP (white/light blue); LP (red/black/yellow)
    2001 Champions on Ice - Sasha’s number is done with a
    gymnastics ribbon
    2002 Campbell’s International Figure Skating Challenge (18
    years) - (dark blue)
    2002 Skate Canada - SP (black/orange); LP (blue); PODIUM
    2002 Trophee Lalique - SP (black/orange); LP (blue/white)
    2002 Cup of Russia - SP (black/orange); LP (blue/white)
    2002 Crest Whitestips International Figure Skating Challenge -
    2003 Nationals - introduction and warm-up - SP (black/orange);
    LP (blue/gold); Exhibition (blue)
    2003 Grand Prix Final - final LP (blue/gold); Podium
    2003 Worlds - SP (black/orange); LP (blue/gold); Exhibition
    2003 ABC International Figure Skating Challenge - (blue/gold)
    2003 Campbell’s International Skating Classic - (white/black)
    2003 - Skate America - SP (black w/red); LP (white/black)
    2003 - Grand Prix Final - SP (yellow); LP (white/black)

    End 6 hour compilation; Additional Coverage:
    2004 - US National Championships - piece; SP (yellow); LP (white/black); Exhibition (gray)
    2004 Worlds - SP; LP; Podium; Exhibition


    1995 US Olympic Festival - LP (blue costume)
    1997 Skate America - SP & LP (royal blue, light blue)
    1997 US Nationals - SP & LP (dark blue, dusty pink)
    1998 Keri Lotion Classic - (pink)
    1998 US Nationals - LP (light blue)
    1999 US Nationals - SP & LP (blue, purple)
    1999 Worlds SP & LP (light blue, purple)
    1999 Masters of Figure Skating - LP (red)
    2000 US Nationals - SP (burgundy)
    2000 Four Continents - LP (black & gold)
    2000 Skate America - LP (white)
    2001 US Nationals - SP & LP (light blue, white)
    2001 Four Continents - LP (white)
    2001 World Championships - SP & LP (light blue, white)
    2001 Great American Figure Skating Challenge - (white costume)
    2001 Goodwill Games - SP (light blue)
    2001 Nations Cup - SP & LP (red, light pink) news of coach Elena’s illness and death
    2001 Cup of Russia - SP & LP (red, light pink)
    2001 NHK - SP & LP (red, light pink)
    2001 Hershey’s Kisses Challenge (light pink)
    2002 US Nationals - SP & LP (red, light pink); exhibition (blue)
    2004 US Nationals - SP “Just for You”; LP “Giselle”
    2004 Four Continents - LP “Giselle”
    2004 Skate America - interview; LP “Romeo and Juliet”; interview


    1996— Clip from the Olympic Festival
    1996— Clip from the World Junior Championships—2nd place
    1997— World Juniors - LP - 2nd place
    1999— Skate America LP
    1999— US Nationals SP & LP
    1999— World Championships SP & LP
    ‘99-’00— Grand Prix Final - overview of Round 1, overview of
    Round 2
    2000— US Nationals SP (info piece on his quads) & LP
    2000— Skate America LP
    2000— Hershey Kisses Challenge - one piece
    2001— US Nationals SP & LP
    ‘00 - ‘01— Grand Prix Final SP & first LP
    2001— Worlds SP, LP, & exhibition
    2001— Great American Figure Skating Challenge - one number
    2001— Champions on Ice - one number
    2001— Skate America SP & LP
    2001— Nation's Cup SP & LP
    2001— A Skating Tribute - opening, Tim’s number, closing
    ‘01- ‘02— Grand Prix Final LP
    2001— Hershey Kisses Challenge - one number
    2002— US Nationals SP, LP, interviews, exhibition
    2002— All-star Olympic Salute - introduction and small skating
    2002— Olympics - SP, interview, LP, Podium, interviews, Today
    Show, Tonight Show, Tim’s reaction to his friend Michelle
    Kwan’s bronze medal, exhibition
    2002— Worlds SP, interview, piece on Tim, LP, interview, podium
    2002— Hershey Kisses Figure Skating Challenge - one piece
    2003—World’s LP-- (I'm just able to squeeze this in as the tape
    was originally finished before the '02-'03 season)

    Alexei Yagudin
    Olympic Champion

    ‘96 World Junior Championships - LP, results
    ‘97 World Senior Championships - LP “Carman”; Podium
    ‘97-’98 Grand Prix Final - SP; LP “Troika”
    ‘98 Europeans - LP “Troika”
    ‘98 Olympics - SP - Russian Folk Music; LP “Troika”; Exhibition
    ‘98 Worlds - LP “Troika”; Podium
    ‘99 World Professional Championships (pro-am this year)- SP “Lawrence of Arabia”; LP - Circus
    Music; interview
    ‘99 Worlds - SP - Circus Music; piece; LP “Lawrence of Arabia”
    ‘99 Hershey Kisses - “Lawrence of Arabia”
    ‘99 Skate America - piece; LP “Broken Arrow”
    ‘99 Skate Canada - SP “Nutcracker”; LP “Broken Arrow”
    ‘99 Masters of Figure Skating - SP “Nutcracker”; interview; LP “Broken Arrow”; interview
    ‘00 Europeans - LP “Broken Arrow”
    ‘00 Worlds - SP “Nutcracker”; LP “Tosca”; interview
    ‘00 Masters - SP “Etude in C Minor”; LP “Gladiator”
    ‘00 Skate America - piece; LP “Gladiator”
    ‘00 Skate Canada - LP “Gladiator”
    ‘00 Japan Open - SP “Nutcracker”; LP “Broken Arrow”; Podium
    ‘00-’01 Grand Prix Final - SP “Etude in C Minor”; First LP “Lawrence of Arabia”; Super Final “Gladiator”
    ‘01 Worlds - SP “Etude in C Minor”; LP “Gladiator”; Podium
    ‘01 Goodwill Games - SP “Winter”; LP “Gladiator”
    ‘01 Skate Canada - SP “Winter”; LP “Man in the Iron Mask”;
    ‘01 Trophee Lalique - SP “Winter”; LP “Man in the Iron Mask”;
    ‘01 Masters of Figure Skating - SP “Winter”; piece; LP “Iron
    Mask”; interview
    ‘01-’02 Grand Prix Final - Final LP “Iron Mask”; interview
    ‘01 Smucker’s Holiday on Ice - “Memorial”; closing number
    ‘02 Allstar Olympic Tribute - Gordeeva and Lipinski in “Coming to
    America”; men’s preview
    ‘02 Europeans - LP “Iron Mask”; interview
    ‘02 Olympics - piece; SP “Winter”; interview; piece; LP “Iron
    Mask”; Podium; Today Show; Exhibition and Encore
    (end six hours)

    ‘02 Worlds - interview; SP “Winter”; interview; piece; LP “Iron
    Mask”; interview; Podium; piece; Exhibition
    ‘02 Campbell’s International Figure Skating Classic - footwork
    piece; “Iron Mask”; interview
    ‘02 Skate America - SP; interview; leaderboard; interview;
    withdrawal; interview
    ‘02 Hallmark Skater’s Championships - clips of SP; LP; interview
    ‘02 Crest Whitestips International Challenge
    ‘02 Holiday Celebration on Ice
    '03 Farewell from Skate Canada (Canadian coverage)
    ‘03 World Team Challenge
    ‘03 Kristi Yamaguchi’s Salute to American Music
    ‘03 World Team Challenge - “Played Alive”, 2 interviews, “Memorial”
    ‘03 Holiday Celebration on Ice - “Nutcracker”
    ‘04 Stars on Ice preview - Christopher Dean comments on Alexei
    ‘04 Superstars on Ice - first number “Winter”; second number
    ‘04 Stars on Ice - Introduction; “TGIF” (ensemble); “Work ‘N’ Time”
    Alexei with Todd, David, John; “Rock Lesson” (ensemble) into
    Alexei and “Ain’t That A Shame”
    ‘04 Ice Wars XI: USA vs. the World - Introduction; interview and
    “Moon Over Bourbon Street”; “The Feeling Begins”
    ‘04 Starskates Holiday Celebration on Ice - “Winter”; “Moon Over
    Boubon Street”

    '88 Olympics - "Napolean"
    Canvas of Ice
    '92 World Pro - "Grand Canyon Suite" & "Speak to me of Love"
    '93 Hershey's Challenge - "Carosel Waltz" & "Nessun Dorma"
    '95 Skates X 2 - "Legends of the Fall"
    '95 Sun Valley Men's Outdoor Championships - "Grand Canyon Suite"
    & "Un Amor"
    '95 World Pro - "Lincoln Portraits/Appalachian Spring"
    '96 The Gold Championships - "The Olympic Spirit" (Summon the Heros)
    '97 3 Masters on Ice - "Nessun Dorma"
    '96-'97 Olympic Winterfest - "Music of the Night"
    '98 Ice Wars - "The Prayer"

    '93 Nationals (USA)
    '93 Olympic Festival
    '94 Junior Worlds
    '94 Nationals
    '94 Worlds
    '95 Nationals
    '95 Worlds
    '95 Hershey Kisses International Skating Challenge
    '96 Nationals
    '96 Worlds

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    The following are the three compilations I also have on Michelle Kwan. Each is 6 hours long, available in SP or SLP.


    Order of contents:
    1993 — Olympic Festival — 13 years old — SP (medium blue costume); LP (pink costume)
    1993 — Skate America — 13 years old — LP (dark pink costume)
    1994 — US Nationals — 13 years old — SP (light blue costume)
    LP (dark pink costume)
    1994 — Worlds — 13 years and the only woman representing the USA; SP (light blue costume); LP (dark pink costume)
    1995 — US Nationals — 14 years old — SP (multi pink costume)
    LP (solid pink costume)
    1995 — Worlds — 14 years old — SP (blue & white multi stripe costume); LP (multi pink costume)
    1996 — US Nationals — 15 years old — SP (red costume)
    LP (dark blue & flesh costume)
    1996 — International Champions Final (this was the first year of what is now called the Grand Prix, and it was done after Worlds);
    SP (red); LP (blue & flesh); PODIUM
    1996 — Worlds — 15 years old — SP (red costume)
    LP (dark blue & flesh costume)
    1997 — US Nationals — 16 years old — SP (black costume)
    LP (dark pink with gold costume)
    1997 — Worlds — 16 years old — SP (black costume); LP (red with pink sash); PODIUM; Exhibition (white dress)
    1997 — Information piece on why Michelle did not compete in the International Champions Final
    1998 — US Nationals — 17 years old — SP (red & white costume)
    LP (light blue); Campbell’s Soup Commercial
    1998 — Olympics — 17 years old — SP (red & white costume)
    LP (light blue)
    1998 — Worlds — 17 years old — SP not televised — LP (light Blue); PODIUM — Exhibition (maroon)
    1999 — US Nationals — 18 years old — SP (black costume); LP (lavender costume)
    Short interview with Michelle and Brian Boitano
    1999 — Worlds — 18 years old — Qualifying (1st year this was part of the scoring); SP (Black costume); LP (lavender costume)
    2000 — US Nationals — 19 years old — SP (red with silver slashes costume); LP (dark maroon costume)
    2000 — Worlds — 19 years old — SP (red with silver slashes)
    LP (dark maroon), PODIUM!
    2001 — US Nationals — 20 years old — SP (black with silver)
    LP (cream costume)
    2001 — Grand Prix Final — Final (new) long program (Miraculous Mandarin) (black costume with white squiggles on it); Michelle & Irina in Kiss & Cry
    2001 — Worlds — 20 years old — Qualifying (maroon); SP (orange & yellow); LP (maroon); PODIUM; Exhibition (gold sparkling dress)


    Order of contents:
    Review of 2001 — Michelle’s Long Program (maroon dress)
    “What child is this?” - small biography
    1994 - World Junior Championships - SP (light blue); LP (pink); Podium and interview
    1999 - World Professional Championships LP (white) “East of Eden”
    1999 - Hershey Kisses Challenge LP (gold lace) “One More Time”
    1999 - Master’s of Figure Skating LP (lavender) “Kissing You”
    2000 - Master’s of Figure Skating LP (light pink) “Beautiful World”
    Commentary by Jim Huber
    2000 - Japan Open - opens with a piece on Michelle; LP (beige) “Hands”, interview, Podiums
    2000 - Champions on Ice - piece on Michelle; “The World is Not Enough” (black unitard)
    2001 - Champions on Ice - piece on Michelle; “This Time Around” (gold dress)
    Michelle’s ’02 Olympic commercial
    2001 - A & E’s Fire on Ice piece on Michelle
    Michelle on the cartoon show “Arthur”
    2001 - Great American Figure Skating Challenge - “This Time Around” (gold)
    2001 - Goodwill Games - small bio on Michelle; ladies petting Koalas; another piece; SP (purple); leaderboard, interview; LP (dark blue); interview; Podium
    Wide World of Sports 40th Anniversary piece on Michelle
    2001 - Skate America - piece on Michelle’s breakup with Frank Carroll; LP (2 piece dark pink); interview
    2001 - Skate Canada - preview by Peggy Fleming; SP (light pink); short piece; LP (black)
    2001 - Salute to Women in Sports - a piece on Michelle
    2001 - Master’s of Figure Skating - Michelle talking with Rosalyn Sumners; SP “EOE” (purple); leaderboard; LP “FOG” (light blue); piece on Michelle and the split with Frank
    2001 - Hershey’s Figure Skating Challenge - “FOG” (light pink); interview with Michelle and Dorothy H.
    ‘01-’02 GPF - Prelude of ladies; 1st LP “SOTBS” (black & flesh); leaderboard; interview; 2nd LP “Schez” (red); interview; peek at Podium
    Allstar Olympic Salute - clip of Michelle carrying the Olympic Torch
    2002 Nationals - ladies preview; SP (purple); interview; piece on MK; LP (red); interview; clip of Podium; profile and exhibition; exhibition closing with the USA Olympic Team
    Michelle on TV Guide
    Excerpts from Bud Greenspreen special on Michelle Kwan
    Commercial “Coming to America”
    2002 Olympics - clips of opening ceremonies; interview with Michelle; Ross the Intern on Michelle; piece on Michelle; SP (purple); leaderboard; interview; another piece on Michelle with Katie Courik; LP (red); leaderboard; interview; Podium; Tim Goebel crying; exhibition (gold)
    The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Michelle wearing a long black dress (when asked if she was going to the Worlds and Michelle answered yes, the scream was from me <I was in the audience>!)
    2002 Worlds - LP (red); leaderboard; interview with Michelle & Irina; review of Michelle’s worlds medals; Podium
    Closing inspirational comments taken from Wide World of Sports 40th Anniversary, a Michelle quote; and from Bud Greenspreen of “those who fall and get back up”.

    “Have fun, work hard, and be yourself” - Michelle Kwan

    Long may this beautiful young lady grace our hearts with her talent, wisdom, and unending grace.

    ...the Legend

    Introduction to the Kwan family and Michelle skating as a small child
    Changing from Junior to Senior level
    Clips from the ‘93 Senior US Nationals and a piece on Michelle
    ‘94 World Junior Championship
    ‘95 Nationals — Karen and Michelle’s SP & LP’s
    ‘95 Tour of World Figure Skating Champions - Michelle in the opening number and later Peter Pan
    FIRST NATIONAL TITLE - ‘96 Nationals - Karen & Michelle SP & LP’s
    FIRST WORLD TITLE - ‘96 Worlds SP (Romanza) & LP (Salome)
    ‘96 Ultimate Four - piece on Michelle and Kristi Yamaguchi - SP (Dream of Desdemona) & LP (Pocahontas)
    ‘97 National - Karen’s SP & LP
    SECOND NATIONAL TITLE - ‘98 - SP (Rach) & LP (Lyra Angelica) & Exhibition (On My Own)
    ‘98 Olympics overview
    SECOND WORLD TITLE - ‘98 Worlds - Podium & Exhibition (Dante’s Prayer)
    Quote from Michelle during ‘98 Masters competition
    ‘98-’99 World Pro - SP (Ariane) & LP (the magical performance of East of Eden)
    THIRD NATIONAL TITLE - ‘99 Nationals - SP (Fate of Carmen) & LP (Ariane)
    FOURTH NATIONAL TITLE - ‘00 Nationals - SP (A Day in the Life) & LP (Red Violin)
    THIRD WORLD TITLE - ‘00 Worlds - SP (A Day in the Life) & LP (Red Violin)
    ‘00 Master’s of Figure Skating - golfing around with brother Ron and Tiger Woods - SP (Rush) & LP (Beautiful World)
    FIFTH NATIONAL TITLE - ‘01 Nationals - SP (East of Eden); a look back at her career; LP (Song of the Black Swan)
    FOURTH WORLD TITLE - ‘01 Worlds - SP (East of Eden); LP (Song of the Black Swan)
    SIXTH NATIONAL TITLE - ‘02 Nationals - SP (Rachmaninoff) & LP (Scheherazade)
    Reflections on ‘02 Olympics from “After the Gold”
    ‘02 Hershey Figure Skating Challenge - piece on Michelle winning the Sullivan Award (including clips); Michelle’s skate - Fields of Gold
    ‘02 Teen Choice Awards — ooooh, the bikini!!
    ‘02 Skate America - a new look begins - SP (The Feeling Begins) & LP (Aranjuez)
    SEVENTH NATIONAL TITLE - ‘03 Nationals—SP (The Feeling Begins) & LP (Aranjuez); interviews
    FIFTH WORLD TITLE - ‘03 Worlds - piece on Michelle; SP & LP, exhibition, podium
    3-03 - Michelle on Today
    Michelle on being a legend

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    While "Pure Kwan" is already a six hour tape, I have added more that will eventually be a fourth compilation, but for now can be added to Pure Kwan -- though it needs to be on an 8 hour tape to do so.

    Here is the additional footage:

    EIGHTH NATIONAL TITLE - ‘04 Nationals — all pieces, interviews, and oh yes, the
    skating by Michelle: SP “The Feeling Begins”; LP “Tosca”; Exhibition “Falling”
    Michelle’s reaction to her wax double & it’s unveiling


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    summer blues...

    summer means the off season -- time for new tapes to watch until it starts all over again!

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    Summer is almost over and the skating season is just around the corner!!

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    A question on the Sarah Hughes one. Sarah Hughes was on the Today show a few times at least two times (maybe three times- as an older skater), and one of those about a week or two ago. Do you have any of those too? Becuase if you do I think you'd have everything there she ever skated too and broadcasted on US tv, (I think). Unless they showed the world juniors from 98 on tv too? I am interested in the compilation. But the stuff from the Today show is the stuff I am mostly missing or I only have parts of. I pretty much have everythign else there but I like the idea of something nice and all in one place like a definative version. :-) Would you be willing to add that stuff on if you have it? (and maybe one or two other thigns? I don't care if it's not in order if that is too hard to do. These complations sound fun, and I'm sure they took alot alot of work. I am really interested in everything she has skated to that has ever been broadcasted to complete a collection if I got it. :-) It seems like you have at least 95 percent of all of it though. I am interested in the others like Michelle's too, but I'll ask about that one later. There is so much stuff Michelle has done out there it is mind boggling.. Thanks in advance.
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    to cheekers85

    Hi cheekers 85!
    I am sorry I didn't answer sooner - I'm busy with tapes and don't get to the forums as often as I would like. This is why I always ask to

    please e-mail me at -

    I answer my e-mails very quickly, it is much harder to get to the forums to look for questions.

    I do not have the Today shows that Sarah was on. As far as I know, they did not air the junior nationals when she won, but they did have her in the exhibitions, noted as the junior champion - this is on my compilation.

    The compilation I have on Sarah is as complete as the material I have. And yes, the compilations do take a LOT of work and time to make!

    Thanks for your questions and interest!

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    On the Nicodinov Compalion would it include her 2004 Skate America programs. Short and Long. And do you have anything of Ann P. Mcdonugh. Thanks.

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    Re: Angela and AP

    PLEASE e-mail me with questions, I don't get here to check my lists very often.

    Yes, Angela's '04 Skate America LONG program is included (short was not aired).

    I don't have a compilation on AP, just the events she has been in since and including Junior Worlds.

    Kathy -

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    Am definitely interested in Shen & Zhao and Alexei Yagudin. Please e-mail me at :


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    re: compilations

    JOHNNY WEIR COMPILATION - now under construction - update will come at the end of January!!

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    re: Johnny Weir

    My Johnny Weir compilation is now finished (more will be added as events are aired on television).

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    re: compilations

    Under construction:



    I will list the contents when these new compilations are ready.

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