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    Score Card

    Do what you want with it.

    Print it out for each skater for convenience.

    You'l make excellent opinions in the Forum.


    SKATER'S NAME ________________________________________________


    Double Axel

    Triple Axel

    Triple Lutz

    Triple Flip

    Triple Loop

    Triple Salchow

    Triple Toe


    Combo Quad 4__x ___x ___

    Combo 3Zx3__

    Combo 3Fx3__

    Combo 3Lx3__

    Combo 3Tx3___

    Combo Triple ___x ___x ___

    SPINS Scratch; Sit; Camel, Layback, Bielman, BC, Y, Other

    Combo spins: ____x _____ x _____ x _____

    FOOTWORK _______________________

    BASICS ____________________________

    MUSICALITY _______________________

    CHOREOGRAPHY _____________________

    COSTUME ____________________________

    Your Overall Opinion .....

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    Thanks - This will keep me busy during all the annoying Smart Ones commercials .

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    Except the one with Kristi.

    Voiceover: "Look how thin and beautiful Kristi is, and what a good skater she is. If you eat Smart Ones pizza you will be just as thin and beautiful as Kristi, and you will be able to skate just like Kristi, too. In fact, the more pizza you eat, the thinner you will get and the better you will skate."

    What's annoying about that?


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