Where is the coolest, best, most memorable, most touching place that you have ever skated?

For me, the coolest would have to be Keystone, Colorado. It is a ski resort nestled in the Rocky Mountains, and there is a lake at the bottom of Keystone Mountain. When I was a teenager (not a regular skater at that time) my folks would go skiing, and I would skate all day. If memory serves, this is about a 5 acre lake that freezes over every winter. They zam it and you can skate with the sunchine kissing your face, or snowflakes touching your lashes. It is most favorite skating location. I can actually skate decently now (of course, not by Olympic standards) and I get to go back for Christmas. I will be going a week early just to skate Keystone. Can't wait!

Best memory: Just happended in May. My mom lives in Colorado and we went to the World Arena in Colorado Spring and skater together. It was wonderful. Seeing the pride in my mom's eyes for her little girl of 33 was heartwarming. I can't wait to take to the ice with her again.

I would love to hear (ha ha - read I mean) about your memorable experiences.