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Thread: New Sasha Journal

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    New Sasha Journal

    Not sure if it is posted.

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    Thanks! She looked very determined.Wish her stay healthy and injury free till her final decision.

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    She has to qualify for the Olys by placing in the US Nats.

    If, after the 2009 Worlds, the US is limited to only one skater, Sasha would have to finish 1st at Nats.

    If the US is able to keep 2 skaters for the Olys, Sasha could come out third at Nats and still be considered for the Olys.

    If all the US Ladies skate their best at 2010 Nats, how will Sasha stack up against Alissa, Rachael, Caroline, Ashley, Mirai, Kimmie?

    There are no immediate answers to these questions and I am sure Sasha is also weighing the possibilities.

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    thanks so much for posting. She never reveals much in these journals, i think we learn more from the articles, but I am happy that she is letting her hair grow. That short curly look was just not right for her.

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