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Thread: 2010 Olympics Creating Headaches For Vancouverites Already

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    2010 Olympics Creating Headaches For Vancouverites Already

    The 2010 Games are just around the corner here in Vancouver and people are already anticipating commuting problems. Thank goodness I do not work downtown. There is going to be major parking restrictions enforced and commuting routes will be diverted for most people. Some business owners are worried their business will suffer due to the change in the traffic grid. We already have horrible traffic problems here, it is just going to be worse during the Olympics. Of course, people are being encouraged to leave their cars at home, but who are we trying to kid? This is the lower mainland - no one here likes to leave their car at home.

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    It is going to be difficult for sure.

    Back at the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics, things were disrupted as far away as Burlington, Vermont, because there is so little parking in Lake Placid, NY that visitors had to be shuttled around. There were plenty of mishaps of one kind or another to keep the journalists busy writing about them.

    Schoolbuses from all over VT and NY were commandeered to get the visitors around, because there is almost no public transport in the north country.

    Here's a nice blog about it that I found.

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    The school district didnt help matters by not closing schools. While most elementary kids can walk, lots of highschoolers drive, take public transportation, etc.

    I had to book my yearly neruo appointment (I had my appoint this past Jan) The clinic told me they werent booking past Dec..tehy usually close a bit in Jan after the holidays. I guess they will be shutting down in Feb (its located at UBC)

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