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Thread: Few DVD related questions

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    Few DVD related questions

    DVD and DVD image playback remains the last bit of MMS that is not working perfectly
    I would like to ask you for some help as I am sure you have this stuff already figured out.

    First of all, what player are you using to play DVDs from the DVD drive? I am using Mplayer for default video playback, because of its multithreading support. I am under impression that CFXE or Xine would be better to watch DVDs.

    Currently my DVD are set to be opened by "GenericPlayer" which in this case seems to be Xine. If this is the best player for DVDs could you guys please post your relevant configuration, ie.

    a) GenericPlayerConfig
    b) genericplayer.ops
    c) XineConfig
    d) And the lirc config file for the player supporting DVD menu navigation and stuff. (lircrc?)

    These should help me solve my current problems, like that the Xine Ui is shown on top of the played movie. I can not navigate the DVD menus using my remote, this is probably because I am unsure what to set in lircrc.

    Then some extra questions:
    -How bout when I have the VIDEO_TS folder on my harddrive and I want to play it? Currently it seems to correctly open it in Xine, but is there some special configuration needed?

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    Have you tried VLC media player?

    It's freeware.

    If you see .VOB files in the VIDEO_TS directory - you can play those in VLC media player by right clicking in windows explorer and open with...choose VLC media player.

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