And in recognition of this occasion, I would Like to reminisce as follows:


I wonder how hard the labor was... lol.

It's that time again... Alexei is 29 years old today... WOW

I first met him TEN years ago... how time has flown... he certainly has come a long way since those days at the Farmingdale, NJ rink, where he was struggling with a faulty electrical system as he was attempting a clean run through of "Broken Arrow". He was under tremendous pressure - unbelievable for a guy so young, but he survived it - that's what's important.

Happy Birthday, Sh*tsky Bratsky... luv ya dude, for the irascible snot you I have always respected you for having the huevos to not allow anyone to manipulate you with favors.

Even 10 years ago, you had good instincts about people. Some so-called seasoned folks in the biz thought you should have been something else, but you were stubborn about being your own person, even if it cost you, even if it made your life a bit more difficult.

I salute you, on this, your 29th year on the planet. I look forward to what blessings come your way in the future. May you live long and prosper in good health!

XOXOXO Kathleen Rose