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    Exclamation comptition advice

    i changed my coach 2 years ago because my coach of five years had to move away. ever since i started competitng with my new coachi get so nervous and feel horrible on the ice. this never used to happen. it really effects my skating during competitions. any advice?

    i have a competition tomorow
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    I am very sorry I did not see your post until now. I do not really have a great idea,but I wanted wish you the best luck. Is the competition over now? How did you do? How did you feel? I know how hard it is to compete. I used to compete with piano. I went all over the places and got on the stage numerous times with legs and hands shaking. There was not even once that I did not feel nervous. I used to always worry that what if I forget the piece, what if I mess up the cadenza, what if ..... what if....... When I changed studio to well known conservatory, it got worse. I expected more from myself and end up pressuring myself more. I do not know how your new coach is. Is the coach well known and have many high level skaters? But one day, I have decided to think who cares what is going to happen. Whatever happens, it is not the end of the world. It got better. I was told that eating bananas before the competition help, too. So I always had bananas with me when I competed.
    Well. I heard that Nobu was saying he gets nervous every time compete, too. I am very sorry I can not help much, but I understand how you feel. But it is going to get better.

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    Do you think it is the coach that has made you feel this way or could it be that as you get older and compete at higher and higher levels, each event seems more important than when you were younger. The very young rarely get nervous, it is when you get older when you start to think too much.
    Are you always worried that you won't land a certain jump? Maybe this new coach is creating programs that are too difficult for you to feel confident with.

    I have heard that doing yoga before an event helps, some skaters swear that they cannot watch their competitors, but I always liked to do so, then I knew what I was up against.

    I wish you the very best, and i know you can be fabulous at your next competition!

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