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I would suggest they do a system similar to that of track and field, have a certain number of skaters from Euros and 4CCs qualify (let's say the top ten 10 from each) and then the next set highest scores from both competitions qualify as well (let's say 10 again, making 30 total). Then, top 24 from the SP qualify for the LP.

I also agree that the spots should go to the skaters, not the country or federation, unless that skate can't compete. That way, for example, the U.S. sends it's best skaters to 4CCs, not team B.
Hallo?? Do you understand the reason for "WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS"??? :banging::banging::banging:
The worlds are NOT only for USA, Russia, Japan and Canada!!!!!! I love to see short programs from India, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Ireland, South Africa or Monaco and i think Worlds should keep this SP (early group and later group) system!!
I don´t understand the problem about the gowing number of competitors and exotic countries at the world championships! It´s a positive evolution!!

I really hope the qualification at worlds will be no change and this sill... Cinquanta will retire!!!