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I don't know what the heck you're responding to. I told you that the Japanese media are just as abusive and slandering, which was a response to your blatant one-sided attack. And being Korean myself, I don't really give much of 2 cents worth whether or not your Korean also, that doesn't make argument any stronger. And yes, I'm a Yuna fan, but I don't go around accusing other skaters with what I think they "implied". Don't ignore Japan's role in tarnishing Yuna's record, if you're going to criticize something, do it fairly. I completely can accept people talking bad about Yuna, however, wait until she actually does something bad, believe it or not, that is the normal thing to do.

Wow, come down, I wasn't accusing anyone anything. I was stating an opinion but it seems you take offense to it, I'm sorry. If you saw my statement I put just as much fault on the other side. First you must agree that I have a right to think what I want to and in no way did I blame Yuna, I said I believe she implied, I said I believe she implied not that she came out and said it. I didn't say anything bad about her and yet you say I criticize her, where did I criticize her. Not on her looks, skating or anything.

Lets end it here because it looks like people can't let another person write their opinions without accusing them of slander.