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I wish I looked as good in my jeans as Tessa does!

I also wish that Mao and Brian would skate to music similar to their exhibitions next year! I liked the softer side of Brian more than Techno-Pelvic-Thrstnig Brian and I loved how much joy and energy Mao skated her exhibition with!
I would love to see Brian do something softer in competition. I never thought I'd say this, but he has very graceful arms! I wish he would use his presentation skills more. He would be a great Romeo. He can be a beautiful skater. But sadly, I don't know if he'd leave his Techno thrusts for competition. I have a feeling he'd love to do something softer but isn't allowed so has to save it for exhibition.

Highlights for me: Tomas and Brian.

Tomas for 2010 O's Champion!