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Thread: Rebuilding inside boot padding?

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    Question Rebuilding inside boot padding?

    Hi there fellow skaters.

    New to the forum and looking for advice already!

    I have had Graff boots for about 5 years now and I love them. But I noticed that the padding on the inside is not so "padded" anymore, it's getting stiff, I can feel it after I skate for a while. My guess is it's wearing out and the tongue could use more padding too. I understand that tongues are relatively easy to rebuild but can anything be done about the inside itself? I would not want to buy new boots at this point but the only advice I've been given so far is to buy bunga pads. Perhaps that's my only choice?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Wow - I've never known a pair of Graf skates to last more than about 9 months before of my skaters had her heel come off in the middle of a competition.

    My skaters have had tongues replaced, inside rebuilt and soles/heels replaced on their Riedells, Harlick's SP Teri's and Jacksons because the boot is constructed primarily of leather. Graf's are a plastic composite - so I am not sure if a new leather tongue could be stitched in properly - but any competent boot repair shop should be able to give it a go. You could also email or call Graf and see if they will do it. Riedell and Harlick do it for their products, and I've had excellent results with their rebuilding.

    BTW - my custom-made boots are cracking and dissolving inside around the ankle but I refuse to get new skates because for coaching purposes - they are like slippers!!

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