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Thread: YuNa's Illegal Element

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blades of Passion View Post
    There's no need to restrict spins so much for the LP ("freeskate"). The requirement of doing different spin types was enough. Why must we HAVE to do a flying spin?
    Because there were a few skaters doing two CCoSp's because they are worth the most points (CCoSp4 = 3.5) for spins so they are looking to "force" variety in spins by saying they must be different and can only satisfy one requirement each. BTW, the flying entry spin can be a FCoSp and still satisfy the flying spin as long as there is a one position spin elsewhere in the program but it cannot be the FCCoSp unless there are two flying spins...

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    They already had a rule to prevent people from doing multiples of the exact same kind of spin (such as CCoSp).

    The new rule specifically states the skater must do a flying spin, a spin in one position, and a combination spin in their "freeskate".

    Not good.

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