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Thread: Dick Pound?

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    Dick Pound?

    Just who is Dick Pound and why is he so obsessed with the 1999 Young doping incident ? I know he's the World Anti-Doping Agency chairman but who is he? Where is he from? How did he get the position? And why is he so hell bent on removing medals from the US athletes?


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    Dick Pound used to be the vice-president of the IOC and he was the person who brought all of the television revenue into the Olympic movement, making the Olympics bigger than they had ever been.

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    Dick Pound?

    Dick Pound is from Canada.

    Here is some background info on him:

    Dick Pound
    Top Canadian at the IOC
    Tom Harrington, The National May 23, 2001
    Gary Graves, CBC News Online

    Dick Pound:
    'We dealt with every allegation'

    The next Olympic games are still a year away but a crucial race has already begun. And a Canadian is a strong contender for the top prize. Not a medal, but something greater: presidency of the International Olympic Committee.

    Pound announced his candidacy in April, promising to renew the IOC's commitment to ethics. But to many, the Olympics doesn't look like an organization focused on ethics. It looks more like a multi-billion-dollar athletic and commercial
    festival. And ironically it may be Pound himself who created it.

    Fifty-nine-year-old Dick Pound has been the second-most important member of the powerful IOC for more than 20 years. By day, in his non-Olympic life, Pound is a tax lawyer and chartered accountant for the Montreal firm of Stikeman Elliott. It's not a glamorous job and Pound is not a flamboyant person. But this was the place to hone his skills as a money manager and troubleshooter.

    "I would like to have everybody be sure that the Olympic Games are what they hope to be, the largest peaceful gathering on the face of the planet. Fair and equal competition, free of doping."

    There are five candidates for president. But Dick Pound has been an IOC member longer than any of the others and has done some of the toughest jobs.
    However, he's strongly tied to the current regime, especially the current president. People who want change question whether he's the one to make it happen.

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