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I thought we can't see CD's or at least it doesn't read in friday's ticket?
It isn't written, but you can go (I did last year). It's just that many people don't enjoy them, so they don't bother publicising it.

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How many people should I expect to be ahead of me if I don't show up early? Because to tell the truth, I'm not that interested in seeing all the CDs, and my friend is probably even less interested - a few would be enough. What would happen if we showed up around 14:00 or even a bit later? Will the kids have taken over by then? Will we have to fight over decent seats with the people from FSU or the Brian Joubert forum? I guess not, because they'll be there early, wouldn't they...

I think I wrote this before, but it'll be my first trip to Paris and I have so little time, I just don't want to spend any more of it in line than I absolutely have to :frown2:.
If you're only two, you might be able to find a good seat. Concerning the kids, last year, I can remeber that a bunch of them came only for the compuslaries (what's the point in that). It might be a good idea to come during the compulsaries and s soon as you see the kids leave just grab a seat.