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Thread: Braden Overett retires from competition (fan appreciation thread)

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    Braden Overett retires from competition (fan appreciation thread)

    6-time U.S. Senior National competitor Braden Overett has announced his retirement from competitive skating by writing an eloquent and witty article for the April issue of USFS' SKATING magazine titled "The competitor's retirement paradox."

    In my mind, I was different; not for a second did I think I'd go through what my friends went through. When I was done, it would either be because I had won the Olympics 19 times and broken all possible world records. I would have reached the pinnacle of sports fame, driving a different exotic car every day of the week and buying small countries with my 900 bazillion dollars. Or, I'd walk into the rink one day and there would be a giant neon sign reading: "Braden Overett's Retiring Today!" as though it were the day fate assigned me to launch myself whole-heartedly into my next great adventure. Guess what. None of that happened.
    Most of the world doesn't speak skating. The non-skating folk don't really get it when you say you trained every day! When you explain the attention to detail in costuming or choreography, they look at you like you're nuts! Talk about the commitment, the passion, the cost or the effort, and they understand the words but not what they mean [to you]. It can be a hard pill to swallow when you've dedicated your life to pursuing a goal, and the only way people can relate is by asking if you can do a triple Axel or if you went to the Olympics. Ummm, yeah... remember? I won 19 times; I can't believe you've never heard of me.
    A scan of the article:
    Page 1
    Page 2

    Braden Overett's USFS bio and competitive history

    A Braden Overett Montage (he demonstrates 2A, 3T, 3S, 3Lo, 3Lz, 3F, camels and other spins, spread eagles, Russian split jumps), includes a performance of his fun "Clown" exhibition program at the end:

    Straight line Footwork:
    Same Footwork sequence broken down in slow motion with the turns & steps identified:

    His entertaining "Pirates of the Caribbean" free skate (November 2006):

    Fortunately, his show skating prowess will continue! Although his name currently is not listed on the DU site, Overett reportedly will be performing once again at his alma mater University of Denver's annual ice show on Saturday May 2 at 7 pm and Sunday May 3 at 1 pm. This year's show is called "Puttin' On The Hits" -- for more info:

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    I call him A skater's skater, smooth, elegant, precise, etc. I hope he finds his niche in retirement.

    If there are any youtubes of that upcoming show in Denver on 2 May, I'd appreciate seeing them.

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    Braden's retirement

    I'll really miss seeing Braden skate. He was quite a delight! Hope his future holds some choreographic gems for other skaters.


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    Branden skates at my rink. He is a great guy, wonderful chreographer and terribly handsome to boot!

    I hope he has a lot of sucess with his business career as well as in chreography!

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    I only saw Braden skate once but lucky me - it was Pirates of the Caribbean. Not only was it wonderfully inventive but he skated with such panache - and what a gorgeous guy!

    I wish him all the best and hope he continues to choreograph seriously.

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    Intelligence, creativity, and generosity of spirit. Came through with his skating. Comes through with the choreography he has done in his yet nascent career. All bodes well for his future and look forward with great enthusiasm to his having an even bigger impact on an even broader audience of skating fans for years to come.


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