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Thread: Ladies' LP

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    Quote Originally Posted by PolymerBob View Post
    On a side note, back in the very early days of the internet – we’re talking ’95 or ’96 here, there was this joke that explained just what it was. As best I can recall, it went something like ............

    The internet is a place where gay men - who pretend to women - can converse for hours upon hours ............

    ................ with lesbians who pretend to be men !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Dog View Post
    Oh yeah, I remember that I don't care- even if you're her biggest fan, you gotta admit... that was funny. (and very well done, too)

    These Yu Na people are seriously annoying me to no end, though. I mean, get real. SHE'S NOT EVEN COMPETING HERE!!! Seems to me as if they suddenly feel threatened now that Asada has joined Kim in the 200+ group, and are out to take Asada down however they can. Kind of comical that they're choosing to pick apart her 3A rather than other things that I won't name (don't want to give them ideas!!)

    At least once Kim retires, hopefully the bots follow.
    I think they might be. Now that Asada just crack the 75+ score for SP and joined the 200+ mark. Granted the PCS mark at world are a little inflated and had Kim received usual PCS mark around 63-64 range both score will be scary close, at least total combine score wise.
    Kim 76+ SP, Asada 75+ SP
    Kim 133+ LP, Asada 133+ LP

    I wonder how escalated the bots war will be once the Vancouver is near.

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