I watched a couple of episodes back when I was pregnant and watched anything and everything. Besides having a problem with reality TV in general and reality TV about children in particular, I have a problem with this show because it makes it seem OK to have sextuplets. It is not! Most Western countries will not even implant that many embryos! I appreciate this being legal in the US because it is often the only way for some women to get that one or two kids they dream of, but I believe that this type of a procedure should only be done if the couple is willing to undergo reduction if the number of embryos exceeds four or so. I understand that reduction is against moral and ethical believes of many people, and while I respect this, I believe they should not have gone for this type of controversial treatment in the first place. Not only does this kind of pregnancy and labor put inordinate strain on public resources (costing literally millions and increasing pressure to outlaw the procedure), it puts the fetuses at a very high risk for various developmental disabilities and health risks ranging from mild to life threatening. As those kids are, indeed, very cute, it makes it seem just so normal when in reality it is anything but.