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Thread: 2003 Campbell's Article

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    2003 Campbell's Article

    Hi all,

    Here is the link to Golden Skate's article for those interested.

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    What a great article! However, Tim was the World silver medalist, not Takeshi, though it does cause me great pain to write that. :D


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    Sarah really retired?

    I quess she is really not coming back then, I can't wait for the fight for the thrid and final slot for worlds. It says it in the 3rd paragraph.

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    There's an article...somewhere where it says that Sarah has filled the paperwork to participate in the 2004 US Nationals so I guess she hasn't retired.

    I would not have mind to see the world men podium as it was described in that article: Plush, Takeshi and Tim

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    West Side Story!

    Great article Paula, thanks for the report. However, I first read it in the Edge and almost got myself in trouble because I got so excited reading it I posted spoilers... fortunately I figured out how to edit my post fairly quickly!

    For Mathman, here is the gist of my post:

    What really got me going about the article was the description of the exhibitions- I hadn't heard anything other than who was there.

    I've been wondering what Belbin and Agosto would come up with to rival last year's Elvis (what a showstopper!). Now to hear they're doing West Side Story, I couldn't be more excited (am I gay or what?!).

    "I feel pretty, oh so pretty..."

    I have no doubt that will be a fantastic program. I hope we get to see it on the Campbell's tv broadcast.

    The other kicker right at the end of the article was about Scott falling out of the death spiral! I can't help but giggle. (Hateful, I know.)

    Does anyone remember Meno and Sand's debacle of a death spiral? I forget the competition, but they had a horrible skate, then toward the end, during the death spiral, he slipped and fell on his butt and dropped her to the ice. I thought she was going to kill him right there.

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    [Sasha] completed a solid triple loop before doing a camel spin/sit spin and trademark Sasha spin.
    To wit: As creator and copyright holder of the term "Beaver Cleaver" to describe what is usually called "Sasha's trademark spin," I hereby give you permission to use "Beaver Cleaver spin" or "BC spin" in any and all Golden Skate articles referring to said spin performed by Ms. Cohen without the usual royalty requirements. Signed, Rgirl, 10-7-03.

    Just a little gift, Paula

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