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Thread: ISU changes the OLY 2010 number of judges

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    ISU changes the OLY 2010 number of judges

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    I would love to see the statistical study George Rossano is citing that judging is no better now than it was when the new judging system was introduced.

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    to me still can cheat--the changes of judges from short to long is good, however who to say they don't end up with the same country judge like canda has 2 on the long.

    Also that still Leaves the Same 5 Judges from the short--in other words still can cheat/make deals/ downgraded the skaters they want/upgrade others, give bump to canadians due to ISu president david dore-canadian./held in canada--you know the same old politics cycle/etc.
    the more they try to change to more it stays the same, but it is hidden better.(cheating)

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    It's a good news for Rochette and Chan
    But bad news for the rest

    I hope the level of judging will be around the same as 2007 Worlds...
    2008 was too strict ( downgrades, wrong edge etc. scores were pretty low ) and 2009 was way too nice ( uses of ' ! ' and some skaters got huge program components for not too great performances )

    I don't want to see mens winning score to be 270+ or under 230... Around 245 will be fun to watch!

    For the ladies, I would hate to see some skaters ( Yu-Na, Mao, Rochette and Ando ) getting 220+ or even 230+!!!! ( It's pretty possible if skaters are over-marked ) ( 3.0 GOE, Lvl 4 spins, 70+ PCS ) Around 200 is plenty!!!! I'd hate if the winning score is under 190 too though!!

    Even if the performance is absolutely amazing, I still think people can be over-marked or under-marked...

    With less judges GOE and program components will increase so much, or decreases... 3.0 GOE might happen more often too

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