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Thread: Berton / Hotarek new italian pair

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    Berton / Hotarek new italian pair

    After Laura Magitteri and Ondrej Hotarek (czech boy competing for Italy) split, Hotarek looked for a new partner.
    As I explained here
    and here
    his new partner turned out to be Stefania Berton, italian JPG medalist competing in singles.

    Saturday there was a little gala/party from Sesto Ice Skate Club (Milan), which is Ondrej's skating club - Stefania still "belongs" to Forum Milan and they skated together for the first time in a show. They showed excellent single skills as usual (I believe Hotarek competed in singles too), they don't yet look as a pair, but I think they are working a lot.

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    I thought It would take so much time for them to get used to skate together, but this performance shows that they are much better at doing pairs.

    Thank you very much for the video.

    I hope they will be a lot better

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