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I think the situation in men's is quite similar to ladies'.

First, if either Brian or Patrick show up at Skate America, then Lysacek cannot. SA will certainly choose Lysacek from the 1-3 seeds. Then they will have to take one of Verner, Contesti or Kozuka.

They are not required to invite Abbott, but I think they will because he is U.S. Champion.

So the question mark is Weir. Evan and John G. (what is Johnny's middle name, anyway? ) could very well finish 1 and 2 no matter who else is invited (but watch out for Kozuka!)

Johnny has never liked to do Skate America, even when he was U.S. champion, because it came too early in the season. I believe that last year was his first Skate America (he finished second ahead of Evan.) With Skate America later in the season this year, he may want to do it this time.

Johnny is in a good position with respect to the Grand Prix. Although he can't exactly choose his own events, he can make his wishes known. As the most popular U.S. skater worldwide, yet not seeded this year, I think any of the events would be glad to invite him.
Observation re: USFS choice of US skaters.

Evan seems a shoo in (*knock on wood*) for SA, especially if he requests it as he always has in the past.

But then it seems pretty foolish to pit the top US men against each other by also choosing Abbott, and/or Johnny. Puleeze! Johnny may not have had the best end to his season, but still . . .

Then there's Brandon and several others who should be given consideration/exposure for the future.