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I don't recall a case in ladies, but in men's, Rudy Galindo, the 1996 US Men's Champion & World bronze medallist, was not invited to Skate America in fall 1996. Todd Eldredge, the 1996 US Men's Silver Medallist and World Champion, was invited instead. This was one reason that Rudy said he went pro, since it was such a ringing non-endorsement by USFS.
USFS's loss was COI's gain. The next year Rudy came up with YMCA -- and the rest is history!

Actually, I guess it is possible that this could happen in men's this year. Skate America will certainly take world champion Lysacek. I guess they don't strictly have to invite Abbott.

By the way, the new rule that says for the Olympic team they can take into account other factors besides U.S. nationals placement could help Lysacek. Conceivably he could bomb at nationals and finish fourth. But they could still send him, as world champion.

I think that's the unwritten rule of Olympic team selection -- if you've got the world champion, send him!