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Thread: 2009-10 ISU Grand Prix selection guidelines

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    Quote Originally Posted by sorcerer View Post
    So if "champ's preference" does exist, though I don't know how it is brought to the 6-party-talks (maybe via Lausanne?), Yuna's SA is practically determined, then.
    Here is my opinion (always reserving the right to be wrong, of course. ) about this privilege.

    I think that all the skaters, through their federations, have the opportunity to make their wishes known about where they would like to skate. The world champions get extra consideration compared to the others, because, well, they are the world champions.

    Sometimes it works out that most of the top skaters are happy with their assignments, sometimes skaters are dissapointed. I think there is also a certain amount of "horse trading" that goes on among federations after the draw. If you take my top-ranked ice dance team, I'll invite your up-and-coming guy in the men's field.

    What would really be neat is if all of these meetings were openly reported so we could follow the order of the draw and all the subsequent deals and negotiations. That will never happen, but it would be cool if it did.

    Quote Originally Posted by sorcerer
    I think this will the first time in these 3 years that such preference would get its effect in the ladies field, since Miki and Mao wasn't aware of such privilege, I believe.

    How was it with Kimmie in '06.
    That was an interesting question, so I looked it up.

    If it is really true that "everyone wants to go to Paris," and, if not, Skate America, then the last three ladies' champions did pretty well.

    2006. Kimmie Meissner got Skate America and Trophee Eric Bompard.

    2007. Miki Ando got Skate America and NHK.

    2008. Mao Asada got Eric Bompard and NHK.

    However, sometimes it might be the other way around. Does the top skater want a certain event, or does that event want the top skater?
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