Thanks for the link re:Elvis' piece on "If you're very lyrical and ....." He doesn't really sound like an artist to me. Every artist has their own quality and point where she/he is good in. It's very unfair, really unfair for him to say 1) "if you're very lyrical....that's not men's skating". A skater has to be lyrical to be able to connect with the music and make the audience understand the music; 2) "..and you're really feminine and soft...that's not men's skating". That's is opinionated. Every skater is unique and never the same. They have their own identity/quality on the ice. Just because some male skaters are feminine or soft, doesn't make them at all belong to Elvis' category of men's skating. There will be skaters who are more daring than the others but that doesn't give them the right to judge and categorize other skaters. There will be skaters/competitors who on competition day wouldn't want to receive lower scores and there will be skaters who are daring to go for some programs where they are very aware of the rules of deductions. So, that's how it goes, but one cannot ever say who is stronger than the other because of some qualities the other skater doesn't approve of. One thing I am definitely sure is that every single skater should be acknowledged and congratulated for giving out all their strength in their programs. Every single skater is strong, others may be lucky and others are just not meant to be in the podium. But all the same, they are all very important figure skaters.