March 30, 2009
Unplanned Vacation
Before I talk of our trip, I want to thank all the visitors to my site for the warm wishes regarding the Moscow performance; unfortunately, though, I wasn’t there.

I’ll have to “hang up” my skates until fall, most likely. That’s because our family will soon welcome one more little person. This happy occasion caused us to take this unplanned vacation.

It started with a long-awaited reunion with grandma and grandpa (Steven’s parents). Tristan fussed at first, but just half-an-hour later, he was eagerly sharing his new experiences in his languages. I have to say that he adapted to English very fast, and could understand it after just 2 or 3 days. Tristan now tried to repeat all words indiscriminately, and we watch it with awe.

Tristan missed his dad so much, at first he wouldn’t part with him for a minute. Together, they drew, sang songs, and, of course, played soccer!

Tristan finally met his cousin Noah, but unfortunately they didn’t find common ground at first. They examined each other carefully, and then Tristan passed the ball right at Noah, inviting him for a soccer match. Noah got confused as he’s just one, and couldn’t get into this game, so Tristan immediately lost interest in him.

The flight from Canada to Florida was fine. Each time we fly, I wonder at my little one, who behaves so well with hardly any fussing during the long flights that are often even tough on adults.

Florida welcomed us with warm weather and happy sun; it wasn’t very hot, but we sunbathed anyway. We were very happy to meet old friends - John Zimmerman, Jen Robinsone, Todd Eldridge, Yuka Sato, Ilia Kulik. They all took part in the Stars on Ice show that toured Florida right at that time. This time, we were in the audience and greatly enjoyed seeing “our” work from the outside. We couldn’t hang out with them for too long because they had to move on almost immediately, but Tristan managed to play soccer with each and every one of them in turn!

Of course, our unplanned vacation was good for everyone, as a lot difficult but happy times await us…