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Thread: Four more ISU Communications published

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    Quote Originally Posted by Medusa View Post
    ^^Oh my god, I am so jealous now. James Levine! I hope that you enjoy Walküre just as much (my personal favourite has always been the Götterdämmerung). Have you ever been to Bayreuth? I hope I will never be crazy enough to try to get a ticket, but the town itself is quite beautiful too and the Wagner museum is worth a visit, as is the Liszt museum. Well, have a fantastic time again!
    I did go to Bayreuth once when I was posted to Germany in the US Army. I only saw Siegfried. The audience was soooooo serious, and I left early. Didn't know much about Der Ring in those days. btw, Gotterdammerung is my favorite too.

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    Thanks for the interesting article.

    To me, this was the most enlightening -- and disconcerting -- part of Mrs. Bianchetti's piece:

    Never before have such important decisions been taken outside the Congress, without even consulting the Members.

    How can all this occur? At the top of each of these Communications it is written : "The Council, after consultation with the ISU Legal advisors, decided, based on the powers granted to the Council in the Constitution Article 17 paragraph q) (i) ".

    Article 17 of the Constitution, " Functions and Powers of the Council" includes paragraph q) (i) which reads: "In case that exceptional circumstances so require and warrant, modification of any rule in the General Regulations, Special Regulations and in all Technical Rules;". The Council, therefore, has the power to adopt any changes to the Regulations if "exceptional circumstances so require". Frankly speaking it seems to me that the conditions under which the Council has acted hardly qualify as exceptional circumstances.

    But how could it happen that the Members handed over to the Council all their rights and powers?

    This rule was proposed by the ISU Council to the Congress in 2006. The President, Ottavio Cinquanta, reassured the Members that it would be applied only in case of extreme urgency. The Members accordingly approved. The Congress was fooled. And it was not the first time that this has happened. I am sure that the Members this time will react appropriately.
    I agree, the rules changes pushed through by Mr. Cinquanta are far, far, far from being so "urgent" that the Council could not consult with the membership.

    The only thing about Mrs. B's discussion that I doubt is the very last sentence. I don't think the member federations will do anything much.

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